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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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I decided it was time for a change!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

OH the Itch! Part deux.

So People. Guys...Run! NOW!

I went back to my Doctor, And the test results were in. I have no diabetes I have no thyroid problems, My blood pressure is excellent, My cholesterol is fine, my urnie showed nothing. AND I HAVE NO YEAST INFECTION. The itching reduced but did not go away completely because WE were treating the wrong thing.

I won't say what it is, nothing majour ...really, but if you really want to know email me.( I don't think you will) Now that we are treating the right thing and it's amazing how much better I'm feeling today except for the pills he gave me to take. They are supposed to stop the itch and I should sleep through the night ecept I've slept through the whole day too. Not easy with a 4 yr old and I'm still sleepy. I don't think I'll take another one tonight. Not if I'm going to feel so groogy all day tomorrow.

Now that that's out of the way.

Gentlemen you may come back into the blog!

And now ...

Let's Answer Pete's Question.

"OK, here is my question. How many friends have you made through blogging in one year?"

Well Pete. There is you! Your the first guy to visit my site , and keep coming back even though you have stopped blogging and and being the prefect Dad to those 5 kids of yours! Let me know whenyou do start up again, I would love to link you back, so YOU and about 5 others


Some of the blogs I read are people I KNOW and Know well. Like Danigirl, Twinmom, Nancy and Anna. I know the families, met the husbands and PARTIED with them. We email and have supper out once and awhile. So I don't think they really count as friends I've made while blogging. Although they are friends in the truest sense of the word.

How many friends have you made through Blogging and How many would you like to meet?

I would like to meet a few for sure!


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

In 3 months of blogging I have had contact with literally hundreds and hundreds of new people but I now have about a dozen wonderful people that I now call friends. I have met none of them and most I don't even know their real names or what they look like. This part of blogging has been the best part. Even after I quit, I hope I can continue to stay in touch with all these new friends. *yes of course, your one of the dozen...

Silver Creek Mom said...

No way! That's soo cool. I knew I adopted you for a reason. ;)

Hope said...

I've made some interesting connections that I really enjoy.
I have a really narrow definition of friends.
People I connect with are ones I visit and leave comments, sort of like an ongoing coversation, like us.

BeachMama said...

Although many of the people I visit are friends first, I have definately met a few more and enjoy "chatting" with them through our blogs or email. It has been a great experience this blogging thing. I would hope to meet a few more of them IRL one day!

DaniGirl said...

One day, I will meet Marla. This is my only blogger-meet-up absolute. I would love to meet Phantom Scribbler in person some day, and quite a few others, but I vow today that I WILL meet Marla!!

nancy said...

I wanna meet the infamous Marla. Then my life will be complete. Well wait, only if I get to meet her cat.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Ok this is the offical Marla Fan club...I would have a hoot have a drink or two with her. Maybe if we have OUR Weekend in TO we could do that. ;)