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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

OH the Itch!!!

Gentlemen, I don't mean to exclude you but this is women Issues right here and now. If you want to know all about it keep reading but I mean it's not gonna be pleasant.


Now that most of the men have ran screaming from the room, can we talk?

I mean can we really talk?

I have one nasty yeast infection.

And I've had some advice from a good friend. Thanks ! you know who you are. ;) And on her advice, yes I've been to the doctor.

Yes he prescribed something ( a cream) and it mostly worked, but I think I need something Stronger.
And whose idea was it to have that bacteria living down there just waiting for the right time to appear and make life a living hell? Like really, try sitting in public and not itch. Being woke up in themiddle of the night to scratch. Paints a picture, doesn't it? I've stopped eating bread; I've stopped most of the sugar. (Ok it takes time) and well I fell off the wagon on the weekend and had more wine than I should have and now I'm paying BIG TIME for it. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I have noticed over the last few months that just before my TOM or AF , or whatever else you want to call it, I have become itchy and it went away after that was all over and done with. NOW It won't leave the building. My Dr. Thinks the cause may be Diabetes. I think he's full of it. I’ve had the tests and was to wait for the results and see him April 3rd. Well I guess I'm seeing him today, cause if he doesn't see me, you'll be reading about a woman who lost it in the papers. Where she took and knife and got rid of that itch problem once and for all.

There are so many things that could have caused this. Fatigue, diabetes, menopause, Bubble bath...the list goes on and on. BUT I'm going to blame FATIGUE! I haven't slept well in months. I have 2 kids who both seem to need me at night. Not through the night as you might think, but as they are going to bed. Nathan likes to cuddle before sleep and yes I did this with Miranda when she was young. I guess age is creeping up on me. BY the time I get up from cuddling. (I fall asleep before him every time) Its 10 - 10:30 Miranda wants to have her TALK with me. I love these talks. How much longer will she be living at home for me to have these hearts to hearts with her? But here again it's almost midnight every night before I crawl into my own bed and fall asleep. Then Nathan for some reason wants lately to get up at 4 a.m. I go and lay with him again and he will fall back to sleep in about 1/2 and hour. And then I'm up at 7 - 7:30. It's not every night that I'm up but it sure seems like it.

There are so many things out on the internet telling you what to do. I was looking for some foods to help and apparently there are 3 foods out there that will help with the PH Level of this tender and oh so itchy and sore area. BUT you have to buy whatever it is they are selling. What's with that? I'm taking the yoghurt supplements and eating the damn stuff. (I don't like yoghurt much) And then I read that you have to stay away from DAIRY PRODUCTS....Since when is yoghurt something outside of dairy? Eat whole foods and no red meat was another one. I can do the whole foods (I do that anyways) BUT red meat? I have a freezer full of red meat! Did I mention that my FIL was a beef farmer? SIGH.

As for doing the having loving relations with the Man of my dreams, (Ok My husband) that's all put on hold while this is going on. Apparently he can get it and transfer it back to me. LUVERLY! just what I wanted to hear.

Men you may re enter the blog, I will write something better for you tomorrow.

How many of you ladies have suffered with this and what finally clear it up for you?



WOW! You have a lot going on. I think you need to take some time for yourself. Plan a little 'me' time in the near future. It always does me the world of good.

Hope said...

Sorry, no help from me, I am one of the lucky few who have never had one.
If my grandma was alive she'd have some kind of herbal cure or poultice, but that doesn't sound pretty either.
Good luck

Silver Creek Mom said...

It doesn't have to be pretty it just has to WORK!

moe said...

I had some problems like that a few months ago. I woul use the cream and it kept coming back. It might have been because I started the pill. I took the cream for twice as long as it said and that seemed to end it. Also wash all you undies in HOT water.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I am speechless. I am without speech! This post has cured all hunger pains I may have had today....thanks I guess..... good luck...I guess...... I'm feeling kinda queasy...gotta run......ugggggg

Silver Creek Mom said...

I WARNED YOU... But did ya listen? NOOOOOO.

Men. have to know everything.

Glad I could help with the hunger pains.

nancy said...

You have already heard it all from me, but I can't reiterate (INSIST) how important it is for you to follow the dietary guidelines - to a TEE - for a while. Not a few days, try 30 days. I ate so much stemaed vegetables and brown rice it was inane. NO NO NO sugars - incl, booze, condiments of any kind; NO NO NO breads, but rice cakes are OK, (just the PLAIN ones) which sufficed for me while I had no choice, but I often put a boiled or poached egg on it.

No milk is true...yogurt is dairy but the 'things' are already broken down. Like when kids are barfing, no milk but yogurt is OK. eat shitloads of acidophilus, triple what the recommended dose on the jar reads. Water...tea...I even resorted to tea cause I could not deal with my coffee black.

I also ate white meat only, but that's not hard for me.

I have a book that was lent out to another one of 'us' that I am happy to send your way. You want it?

This can get SO MUCH WORSE if you don't follow the rules. The main concern already that you can't seem to shake this thing.

Did the doc give you DIFLUCAN??? An absolute must.

Email me if you want.

BeachMama said...

Sorry can't help you, haven't been blessed with this problem before. Thank goodness! I have heard that you should nuke your undies to kill the bacteria, but if you are gonna go that way why not just buy some new ones. Nancy seems to have all the answers though, give it a try and best of luck ;)

Pete said...

I should have listened to the warning. I should have listened!

must... resist... urge to click... "yeast infection"... link!