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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, March 20, 2006

You have served me well

And you never leaked.

Yes people our kitchen facet has passed on to the great big tap heaven.

It was part of our kitchen for 15 years , yes as long as I have had Miranda. Although it never leaked , it had lime deposits all over it. It was a sad case. when we took it out it snaped in two. It was a few hand washings away from departing. It was nothing fancy but it had a soap despenser. I LOVED that despenser, so much so I told Jack that the next tap had to have the same. How many times a day did I turn that tap on and it did what it was supposed to to do. Gave me water, let me wash my hands or a dirty little face that has just eaten ice cream. It washed fruit and veggies and endless amount of dishes. OH the dishes it washed. And let's not forget the floors it supplied the water for to clean. It was one of those things one never thinks about unless your about to buy a NEW ONE. I have had my eye on many over the years and when it came down to getting a new one I had no say in it. We needed one NOW. I had company for the weekend and 25 people coming for supper the next night, and All I said to Jack was "You pick, we've talked about this and I trust you. " ( I can feel the women shuddering and shaking ther heads and saying she did it again she let him PICK the facet. ) I honestly had no time. Jack called while standing there at Rona with the hundereds of choices and picked one.

I think he did a great job! Don't you? It has the soap dispenser and the tap is the sprayer. I never used my old one but I seem to use this one alot more. All I wanted was a tap high enough to get my largest pot underneath to put water in whenI make a BIG POT OF SOUP. I like to make BIG pots of soup! And if possible iIt makes my old beat up sink look good! Many of my friends remarks on what a Nice tap I had. I was pleased they even noticed, Of course they are my friends and would say anything but I Jack made up for the printer in spades.

Good job Jack. Let's hope this one lasts as long as the old one and does as many dishes and washes as many faces and cleans as many food items as the old one. We will miss the old one and the memories that came with it, but not too much.

Would you let you hubby pick a tap or would you be ALLOWED to roam free and pick on for the house?


Hope said...

Oh yes, the joy of country water,
Would I let my husband pick out something on his own , yes. Would he, NEVER. He is one of those lovely men who give total control of what goes in the house, and where it goes to me He is happy with any decor as long as includes a TV, fridge and toliet. Simple man, simple pleasures.

moe said...

Yeah, I'd let him pick if we already looked and discussed what it needed to do. However, he'd be going back to return it if I didn't like it. Same would happen with me.

Yours looks great. We bought a new faucet when we bought the house. Too bad it didn't come with a new kitcher ;o) ... One of these years.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

My sincere condolensces on your loss. I'm sure your old faucet is now in a better place where he doesn't drip any more and is free from rust and mildew. May he rest in peace. (join me in a moment of silence please) sniffle sniffle

Marla said...

Is it wrong for me to love your faucet so much?

No, my choice, since I usually choose home improvements as presents for birthdays and holidays usually. Sigh.

BeachMama said...

It is a gorgeous faucet, and although mine is new here at my place, it is nowhere near as funky as yours. I am jealous :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Marla...We must be sperated at birth! I do the same thing. Even at Christmas. I don't need fancy jewerly(prefer cheap) or Clothes (well I sell them so DOn't even try to shop for me)BUT I love to get stuff for the house. NExt Christmas is the Leather sofa and a book case for my living room. I've never had new furinature always hand me downs. Although some of my hand me downs I'm keeping, They happen to be antiques! ;) Like me!

Mark thanks for the moment of silence.

Anna I would a FINISHED house like yours. I loe your new place. I'm soo totally jealous! And it's always so clean....Makes me jealous too.


It's always nice to get something new for the house. We don't seem to replace anything until it breaks, around here.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Sharon Need to read her own comments and add words that are missing and check spelling errors. MAN You think I never left elementray school. AND my blogger spell checker does not work with Netscape.