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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Beauty and the Beast!

Yes people!

Three Weeks till Philemon Wright High School Production of Beauty and the Beast Opens!

As I've said before Miranda Plays Babette the feather duster/french maid and I have been saddled with the task of sewing a French maid outfit for my daughter. She is too small for anything they have in the costume department. Nothing too risqué, I am a MOM. We've had a hoot looking at the the costumes I've googled. I'm sure it won't be like ANY I've seen on the net. AND GOSH they have them for Children under 10?!

Miranda is also getting very jealous over the adulation her boyfriend is getting. He is the Prince in the first and last scenes and apparently he has a sexy voice. All the girls swoon literally when he sings the last song.
I have told her to talk to him about how she feels so he understands why she is soo moody lately. She said she would. Like most boys I think he is uncomfortable with all the attention. BUT the show must go on. I must see what all the fuss is about!

Opening Night is April 26th and runs through Saturday evening April 29th.

They are going for boke this year too with 8 performances. They are adding a Saturday Matinee @ 2 and at $7 (I think) a ticket it is sooo worth. Plus all the ticket sales goes to the production for next year. OUR drama department does not get a BUDGET at all, so ticket sales are quite important. So if you live in my area Please think about coming to it. It a good introduction into theater for younger childern and usually the cast mingles after the play so the kids can see them up close with all the make up and costumes. ( If you do come come early they have sold out many times so seating is limited.) i've heard kids come up to the actors and say are you really So and so? It makes the cast laugh and so worth it!

OH and this is not the Movie Version this is the Muscail theater version, so some scenes are abit different and the songs are too.

I can't wait. I love going to these!

Cya all there. ;)
What was the first Play you ever seen?
I've seen so many it's hard to remember but I think it was A Chorus Line here in Ottawa. My Favorite is any Miranda has been in over the last 10 yrs! Yes Proud Mommy!


nancy said...

First: My parents took me to see Wizard of Oz (musical) at Place des Arts (like NAC) but it scared the crap outta me. I think I was too young.(don't remember) I freaked out when the witch REALLY melted in front of my eyes, and couldn't write it off knowing it is 'just a movie on TV' but live. It was a trap door, my Dad explained. Didn't matter. I was freaked out.

Most recent: Mamma Mia. Saw it in T.O., then again a year later in Montreal. Can't say enough GOOD about it. It was fanfuckingtastic.


Sounds like it will be a fantastic show! I saw Mamma Mia last summer.I didn't take my girls but thought about them throughout the entire performance.I think they would have loved it.

Hope said...

I was involved for many years on the Board of Treehouse Youth Theatre in our area. Loved it.
I have tried to get my son interested but he is a total sports boy.
Have fun with it.

BeachMama said...

My First play that I remember was "Anne of Green Gables" at Place des Arts in Montréal (hi Nancy!!). My Grandma took my sister and I way back when one March break. We both loved it and I think that is when my sister decided she wanted to become an actress. I always secretly wanted to too, but thought I didn't have the talent.

If they have weekday Matineés, I will try to be there!

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

My first was "Cats" in London when I was stationed over there. It blew me away! I went to about a dozen more shows while I was there and kill myself for not having gone to any more since I got out of the service.