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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I might still be mad.

I'm short and I want to be tall like you.
It makes me mad.
I don't like to be quite and I see no reason to whisper and when you shhhsh! me.
It makes me mad.
I'm 4 but know one really listens to me becasue they think I'm young. When I want to talk I say "excuse me" but they don't stop immediately to listen. OR say just a minute wait till I'm finished, but I have something very important to say right then.
It makes me mad.
I have these train papers and flyers for new toys and I look at them all the time and I tell Mom which ones I want but when I ask she won't get out and get one RIGHT NOW!
It makes me mad.
When the wheels on my trains and trucks won't turn, I get frustrated because I know what I want them to do but they won't do it and I have now idea how to fix it.
It makes me mad.
I hate going to bed and letting my eyes close. Mom says I fight it and I need the sleep to grow, BUT I might miss something important.
It makes me Really Mad.
I don't like to eat anything that even looks like a vegetable and I won't eat what I do like when vegetables have touched it. I won't eat it, and even seeing them on the plate.
It makes me mad.
When I'm doing something FUN, and Mom comes along and sees me doing it, like throwing rocks at my sister, and makes me go for a time out. I scream" you won't let me do anything fun."
She makes me mad.
I hate it when people take things form me so I bite when words don't work, then I get in BIG trouble!
It makes me mad.
I always, always have to have the last word. Mom can't because she is wrong everytime. She doesn't dosen't get my point of view, if we just did things my way we would get along fine. Then I get timed out for talking back, but I'm just talking.
It makes me mad.
When I want to play and she wants to leave to go somewhere, I say just a minute just like she does when I want something and then I'm in trouble for doing that.
It makes me mad.
When I get stopped doing something I really really like, like riding in the tractor I cry and scream to show HOW much I want to keep doing this, I get a talking too that I don't want to hear.
It makes me REALLY Mad.
When I want you to dress me and you won't, because I feel like being a little boy today.
It makes me mad.
It makes me happy
When I can help you and be near you.
It makes me happy,
when we paint together, I LOVE TO PAINT.
It makes me happy
when we cuddle and read stories and watch my movies for the 100th time.
It makes me happy
when you ask me what I am thinking, although sometimes I can't say it.
I promise I will try to be a better 5 year old.
I'm working really hard on trying to grow up.
Even though you tell me not too.

Or I might still be mad.
Sometimes, because I feel like it.


nancy said...

Good one!!! Sadly I can relate to a few of those.

twinmomplusone said...

Very well said SCM.
You could turn this post into a book for parents of 4 year olds.

BeachMama said...

That was great! It could be one of those posters or a book like TM suggested.

Marla said...

Oh Sharon, how wonderful that you can see his point of view so well. Nice post.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yeah BUT I want him to see MINE! LMAO!

Thanks ladies the muse with with me today. Although I see now how I could have made it better. Darn.