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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Names, Family and Other Things.

Alot has got me thinking this past weekend. I read an Article in this Months Chatelaine, that talked about the Mr. vs Miss, Mrs, and MS thing. Dani talked about this in her blog last week too. And I was shocked to find out, actually appalled that Prime Minster Stephen Harpers Wife, Laureen Teskey had her named changed to Harper after he won the election? WHY? I can't find no good answer for this. I find this really unsettling, it bothered me all day and I would like to ask her why she did this and get a good answer for it. jack was surprised as i was and said there is NO reason of that. I remember WAY back when, Joe Clark's wife was known as Maureen McTeer and stayed that way. Grant you Joe Clark was only the leader of this country for 9 months which is a shame cause he was an honest man. BUT In polictics you can't be honest. People like to be fooled into things., but that's another story. Sad and my take on politics. Maybe the party thought she should change her name because it makes things to confusing...POPPYCOCK!

I have my family name and I have been married for almost 24 yrs now. I still can't think of myself as part of my husbands family, because I married the man not the family. Thank GOD my gentic's don't change. I never will be like my husbands family. I couldn't bare to part with my so called MAIDEN name ( another term that ticks me off) I'm sure some people can't wait to rid themselves of their family name and All the best to them. GO ahead. Besides I live in a foreward thinking Province. They made US keep our family names. (Honestly I think they changed it to keep the paper work down) NOW I don't mind being called Ms. so and so. Don't you dare call me Mrs. so and so cause that's my mother in law. But my names is still my family one. It's never bothered my hubby either. I read that somewhere a couple getting married put most of the letters from both there names and formed a new last name. They thought since they were getting married forming a new family their name should be new too. I thought this was a great idea. No hypenating the childrens names. Cool.

Another thing that puszzled me this past weekend is my Father in law. I know I've complained about him before saying stuff that is not funny although he laughs and speaks his mind about things but God FORBID you disagree with the man. He came into MY HOUSE and asked my daughter why she didn't bring her boyfriend to church Easter Sunday like some other young lady Miranda's age did, to show him off. (not many go to this church so You can see why) Then when she said that her boyfriend was not interested in coming he told her she should tell him that if he doesn't come to take a hike. I guess I lost it and told him it was NOT right for Miranda to show off in Church. And IF her boyfriend wants to come we will gladly take him. BUT it's is not our place to judge or be judged or to make ultimatums like that and if he(my FIL) believed in God and the Holy Spirit working in people in there own it's own time; he would not have said something like that. Then I told him he has no RIGHT to come into my house and say things like that to my children. I'm still steamed. He didn't speak to me all through lunch and when he did finally start to speak it was to suck up to me. MAN he is the most irrating person I have ever met!

So what do you think? Was a Wrong to put and elder in his place, who is too opinoniated for his own good? What do you call yourself or what box do you check off when you fill in some paper work? Mrs or Ms? I do MS. all the time.


BeachMama said...

I think I wrote my take in Dani's comments. I like being Mrs. So and So. It was a fresh start and a new begninnig, I really liked it. I always say you can change my name but, you can't take the "maiden name" out of me! Most people call me by my first name anyway :)

As for your FIL, good for you. I am getting tired of elders thinking they can say whatever they want because they are elders. They just aren't right all the time (but don't tell my Mom and Dad I said so..kidding of course)

Hope said...

I think it's important to stand up for your children, when those around them are incorrect.
I hypenated.My children have their dad's last name.

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