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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

WOW...and again WOW!

I'm one proud momma today. The play sold out and turned people away! I don't have any pictures that are any good CAUSE my dear DH showed up freaken late and we had to sit near the back. but that's another story that I will blog about on another day.

Anyways They were totally AMAZING! The costumes were larger than life. And they sang beautifully! Miranda said the group singing was horrible up until Tuesday night! So they just made it in under the wire. As usual! The vocal coach was so proud of them that he was running around hugging them all saying YOU GUYS ROCKED! Of course he was in the audience guiding them. LOL! Or should I say conducting them. He said to Miranda You can sing girl! And your a little too intouch with your inner flirt! Well have to talk about that! LMAO! He's a fatherly figure of course his daughters where in the play too and can sing amazingly! T can sing! OH gosh Swoon. He can really sing! he melted most of the woman's hearts in the whole room. Although I don't think the kiss happend. Miranda was shocked. She was avoiding the stage so she wouldn't have to see it.

The MOB song was totally awesome with the cast banging their boots on the stage. Great effect. And sneaking into the castle had us all in stitches! He snuck in the village and a Pregnant girl! LMAO It was too funny!

Miranda was totally amazing! She made me proud. She did a prefect flirt! Gosh wonder where she learned that! When she came out onstage in her french maid outfit near the end the young guys in the audiance Whistled. I guess that is a compliment from a younger crowd. LOL! I'm going to buy a roll fo film and try to shot some real photo's sooo I can get some great shots of them all. HOPEFULLY tonight I can film it and get closer to get better pictures!

I wish you could all come with me. I'm sure you would all love it.

Off to do dishes and light the stove it's cold here today!


BeachMama said...

Great news that the show went as great as expected. And whoots and whistles from the audience is always fun ;) I am sorry I couldn't make it with our full house and all. HOpe to see some of the photos you taking.


Looking forward to the photos! Good to hear that Miranda did so well.

Hope said...

I've worked with kids theatre. It is amazing how they pull what could be an absolute disaster together. I've seen kids not know their lines, pull it off without a hitch the next nite. They're not gonna make fools of themselves. i think they take pleasure in worrying us.

nancy said...

Are you sure you are proud? Not like your post is gushing and oozing with every gushy & oozy about it all.


Silver Creek Mom said...

NOPE not Proud at all! ;)