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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A CHALLENGE! And Freedom to speak.

I can't refuse a challenge...we I can but this one is one I know I can do. Mark over at Lord of Idoits wants to see what all his blog buddies look like. I'm not worried my my face will show up on some one elses body or in some pr*n site. (this is a family blog) so here it is. Now I warn you not to run away screaming or yelling. I don't look the best most days. BUT I can clean up well.

This is me at Easter in the middle. Not a great shot andthe hair colour has cahnged again and I've goten it cut but it is recent. What NOT good enough? Hold on I'll look again!

Here one of ME and Miranda at Christmas. I'm in RED!

That's the best I can do. And the picture thing in this blogger doesn't work for me so I can't make them bigger.

I'm looking after my nephew one day a week as his sitter has breast cancer. Sad. Yesterday was B's first day here. And they had a blast. they watch the tape of Miranda's play a couple of times and were playing beauty and the beast. Over heard while playing

B: I'm the beast and I'm going to fight the wolves...you can be a wolf.
Nathan: NO I want to be the prince.
B; ok but you have to help me fight the wolves.
Nathan: Naw I've changed my mind, I want to be the feather duster like Miranda was.

His father chringed when I told him this. LMAO!

Freedom to speak and be heard without being riduculed.

Miranda yesterday found out how Narrow minded her young friends can be and how inconsiderate they can be. And she said nothing.

Her History class went to the House of Commons yesterday to see our law makers in action. WOW exciting. She thought they were worse than kids all talking at once and banging and clapping. She was not impressed.

On the way in they seen some protesters . OK it was not a big protest it was 2 older gentlemen sitting there with anit abortion pictures and anit gay pictures. They never said a word, just sat. NOW I'm not much for protesting at all it think it does squat to for anyone . Now the kids started teasing them and yelling how wrong they were. Yes they were protesting and probably excepted this. MY Miranda stood quietly in the background, hurt and not saying anything. We are a family that goes to church, and NOT saying that we agree with everything our Church leaders teach but we do go. She tells me last night that She doesn't believe in abortion FOR HER. She figures eveyone has the right to choose and it's up to them to deal with the consequenses. She also has gay friends and She love them the death so she has no problem with that. BUT What bothered her the most was how Narrow minded her FIRENDS were. They always pick on her for being so called "religous" And they kept saying how WRONG these men were. She said to me "Why can't they speak their opionions? why don't my friends see that They have the right to speak their own minds and be respected for that. We don't have to agree, but what they did was sooo wrong and sooo immature. Why Am I ridiucled for my beliefs and told I am wrong because I don't agree with what most of them believe. And I'm the one they call narrow minded. At least I don't tell them they are wrong or tease them about it. " She cried. She said "I thought part of being Canadian was respecting others and different views and ideas even if they don't agree with yours?" She's right. I said she should have said this to them.

As she arrived at school, many of her guy friends seen that she was upset. Her boyfriend couldn't figure out why she was so quiet and hurt. A few talked to her and 2 figured it out and aoplogiged. She told T why was was upset and it apolgised too he said he wasn't thinking and would have stopped it. One of her other guy friends called and they talked for over an hour. He was not one who teased these people. He heard what she had to say and told her she should have said something right away. They most likely would have stopped.

I know they are young, but I would like to get them in a room for a frank discussion on what being Narrow mind really means. Kids tend to see things in black and white at this age and no shades of grey. They are right and the rest of the world if you don't agree is wrong. I guess it is a learning curve. Not everything is clear cut. And part of being OPEN MINDED is letting people have their say and not being ridiculed for it.

I'm proud of my girl for being OPEN MINDED and CANADIAN! Even if she is in the minority these days.
Do you believe in the right to speak your mind and not have to agree to be friends?


twinmomplusone said...

if open-mindedness, tolerance and diplomacy where the norm, what a better world it would be

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yes Twinmom it sooo would be. I just hate to see this in kids so young. I pray they realize this soon.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Sharon, thanks for the PIX! Glad you are back in Blogville again. Sounds like your Daughter really has her head on straight, a real rarity in this day and age. You should be proud as a Mother. Have a good day!

Northern Mom said...

You have a wonderful daughter!
I'll get to a proper response one of these days

BeachMama said...

I agree with TwinMom wholeheartedly.

I do want to know though, would her friends or schoolmates have jeered the protesters no matter what their signs were? Sometimes kids, just take the opposite because they feel like being loud and obnoxious.

It is great that Miranda is so open-minded. She may find that situations change how she feels about things, but truthfully, everyone is entitled to their opinions and should not be teased or accused of being narrow-minded.

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nancy said...

You should be proud and commnd Miranda for her sincere consideration for others, and for respecting their opinions in hopes that they would respect hers.

Just think that soon those pin-headed friends won't be in her circle once she goes to university. There it is much easier to pick your friends based on what they believe in and not cause you have been in the same school together for years.