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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A drive with Nathan

(Before we leave the house.)

Common' Nathan time to go.

Where are we going?

To buy Daddy a birthday present.

Is it his BIRTHDAY today?

No Thursday, the day after tomorrow.

What are we getting him?

A new rasor.

Oh good! I remember when he bought the old one he deserves a new one. Good Idea there Mommy.
(Jack bought it 20 years ago so he could not have been ther since he is only 4 going on 40)

Where are we getting it?

In the City (That what Nathan calls Ottawa)

At a Mall?


The ones with Toys R US?


Can we look at the trains?( On our way to the van)

We'll see.

Mommy where's the City?

About 35 min away

Mommy Why can't I see the city?

Cause it's far away Nathan and we have to drive to get there.

Mommy I think I can see the city but it's very foggy. (Where on the highway by now and you can see some building through the haze)

Nathan that smog and haze...there is alot of mositure in the air today.

Mommy what is Moisture?

It's water in the air.

Why is there water in the air...Is it raining?

No Nathan it rained during the night and now the hot sun is sucking it back up into the air creating the haze.

(me trying the change the subject)

Look Nathan Look at that boom truck (Men working on the hydro towers)

MOMMY! What are they doing?

Sigh...They are working on the high power lines.

Mommy what are they doing to the lines? I thought if you touched them you would get a shock and die.

That's ture but they are trained to work on them. Looks like they are changing the insolulators. (I cring I said something I should have it's out of my league)

Mom What are insolulators?

They are glass things that help hold the lines up and help conduct the electricy through them. ( I'm guessing)

What type of glass thing?

I'm not sure ask your father.

But Daddy's away and won't be back till tomorrow. Can you look it up on the computer?

Listen to the music Nathan.

Ok Mommy I think I've tired you out with my questions I'll take a little break.

And yes it was only a little break.

I'm glad he's curious but there is no such thing as a quiet ride to the CITY or while shopping or back home.


nancy said...

very cute!

BeachMama said...

LOL, Nathan is so cute with all his questions :)

In Regina, my Sister and I were going nuts with the questions coming from three of them in the van, so we instituted "quiet time" when we were driving. It worked nicely for us and them :).


They never seem to run out of questions. Question period for me always seems to be in the van as well.

moe said...

That's great, what a smart kid. You should take him to the Ottawa science museum. There he would learn that glass is not a good conductor of electricity. I'm guessing those glass insulators are to stop the electricity for what reason I'don't know.

One good way to have some quiet time in the car... books on tape or cd. We use longer stories like the Secret Garden for long road trips. You could also get the read along short books where he has to listen and flip the pages.

Hope dad likes his present.

twinmomplusone said...

Gotta love a curious kid!

I get those times two while driving around ;)

Hope said...

Love a curious kid, but they can exhausting. After a weekend of questions, i commented to the cree princess,
You love asking questions don't you?
Yes, she replies, I want to know everything in the whole history of the world.
So, I ask, how many questions do you think you ask in one day?
No hesitation.....32

Krazzy K said...

Oh my, the Who,What,Where,When and WHY!!!! They Whys Are the worst. I can see how Nathan got on the nerves.. He would be on my by the time you got into the van! Jo always asks question. And then since she picks up on everything you ask her, well why? and she responds with a "Because I said So Kels" lol Kids are just too cute.

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