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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, May 26, 2006

I love my Husband!

You all know about Jack. Jack of all trades.

He works hard for his family and he is a great father.I know he loves his kids and wants the best for his kids. Although sometimes he is misguided by what he did at that age. And how he was brought up. At times I feel like I'm the only one parenting. I do the usual you can go her and I'll drive you there and he never says boo. And usually if the kids want to do something big we are on opposite sides of the fence.

Like the time Miranda was sorta of expressing and interest in downhill skiing.
I was ready to give her lessons and let her try. I'm all for experincing life and trying new things...well the legal ones.
Jack absolutely refused.
She could break a leg or hurt herself or run into a tree and be killed. And two days later a boy was killed running into a tree. Couldn't even argue that one.
The time when she was to take the NewYork trip to see Broadway. It was a big deal and finally he was going to let her go. The trip was cancelled and he was very happy.

Well next March the school is organizing a trip to Spain/ Portugal. She wanted to go but didn;t ask because she knew her father would say no. So Nothing was said until this last week. She said she wanted to go all her good friends are going and YES T too.
I mentioned it to Jack and walked away to let him think for a few days. We talked about it on and off. And he didn't say no right out.
That is a big step for out Jack. I tried to get some info but the the teacher who does these trips happens to be away this week. I couldn't go through the weekend not knowing what was up. I talked to Jack again and he said do we want to think about this more and I told him NO we either let her go or we don't. I want her to have this experience in a chaparonned enviroment and they don't take trouble makers. So he said come and get the cheque book and let her go. My head tells me no don't let her but I know I can't protect her for the rest of her life.

I love my Jack.

Needless to say there is room. Miranda is GOING...and she was thrilled when I told her. She screamed, she did a happy dance and her girlfriends all hugged and kissed her. And T said Alright.

I know I will cry when she leaves, I will worry, but I know it will be a trip of a lifetime.
AND I will cry when she comes back.

Did I say I love my Jack?

He's letting go. Step by Step. And our Baby is growing up into a beautiful young woman.
One we are Proud of.


Northern Mom said...

Ya gotta love Jack. He's handy and handsome, and I haven't had any trouble with my gear shift since I was there!
I'm glad he is letting go a little bit. You and I have talked so many times about what we were doing at that age and glad that Mir is a daughter to be proud of!!

Give the man a hug for me and book us on the same flight, first class and we'll hire a car to follow her without her knowing..but then again we could plan the annual girls weekend in Spain!

I'm tired and being silly!


BeachMama said...

That is so awesome. I only dream of going to Spain. And I missed my trip to Italy in high school because of a girlfriend. She will have a great time and it will be something she will always remember. Way to go Jack!

Hope said...

What a great experience for her.
Letting go is hard. Jack the dad is growing up.
My daughter still reminds me she was 10 before i allowed her to walk to the corner store by herself..... then a few OK 8) years later she was unchaparoned in New York.
She survived, I grayed.

Marla said...

It's nice to be happy because others are happy. I feel good that you feel good and you and he feel good that she feels good and it is all good.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Love the way you said that Marla!


Yes we all feel good!

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