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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's all over but the crying

Well not really. They did do alot of crying after the finale on Saturday night. BUT Philemon Wrights version of Beauty and the Beast was amazing! To take a bunch of kid who over half said they couldn't sing and make them SING LIKE THEY WERE PROFESSIONALS! was absolutely amazing. The whole production was a hoot and they sold out 3 nights out of 4. WHICH is pretty darn good if you ask me.

It was a blast to hear what was actally going on while they were performing. They like to try and trip each other up but none actaully went out of Character. I could Tell Miranda was trying not to laugh many times. He was steadly trying to make her laugh, He'd say things like OH Babette your gold glitter is so hot I want to lick it off. To which she would just shake with laughter.To which she would take her leg (this was during a dip when he was supposed to be kissing her and wasn't ) and wrap it around his and then he would stop and try not to laugh!OMG they were too funny! This stuff went on all the time. But the audience never seen it. Yes they are good!

It was fun to see how they would change subtle things each night which kept the parents watching. Like Gaston calling all the mob into the castle..one night a bird call, next a moo! LMAO! Lumiere chasing Babette off stage after the transformation scene," Ah we are going to make beautiful music together! " Or "Time for the horizontal Monster Mash! " they had us in stiches!

T has an amazing voice! He had girls, young and old melting in their seats. He sure is a wonderful young man. He sang in different voices all through out the play. He was no less than 5 charaters. He was a quick change artist.

Lumiere was a BIG hit with the kids of all ages. The young man who played this role was very good. He was on the ball. His accent was very good and he had enough charm that you actully thought he was a flirt and a ladies man. He really isn't. He's a nice young man. Some grade 8 girls were hitting on him big time that the young lady who played Belle came out and said "HEY That's my boyfriend leave him alone." (they're not) He was very greatful! LOL!

So here are some pictures. I 'll let you see for yourselves.


Babette (Miranda) Lumiere, and Cogsworth

Babetter during HUMAN Again (Where did this line come from?)

Madame La Grande Bouche, Mrs Potts and Babette

Transformed...Babette and Lumeire (should have heard the whitles when she came out dressed like this!)

Beauty and the Beast... T is the prince...Very nice one too. He made all the girls melt with his silky Voice! And he is an amazing actor! He can play anything!

Gaston and Lefou (Lefou is a wonderful Friend of Mir's) And he is an awesome actor!

Curtain Call Both of thes kids signed autographs they were so populaire with 10 and 11 yr old Boys and Girls!One asked Miranda to autograph his bum....she refused LOL!

Curtian Call Belle and the Beast Play by a wonderful young man who was a hoot to Watch and listen too. NOT was not to beast!

So it may be Fame they do next year. We'll see.
So Proud MOMMY rant over!


Marla said...

(standing ovation for the players and the post)

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

You should be proud and it looks like it was quite a production! Will look for your daughter on TV or in the movies in a few years....

nancy said...

What great pics and those costumes - wowee!!!

BeachMama said...

Love the photos!! What an awesome production, and great that they all had fun while they were out there, they won't forget these great times for sure.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Miranda is interested in STAGE performing not T.V.and Movies. She loves the feed back from the audiance whichmakes them work all that much harder. She said during one of the matinee the kids were talking and screaming at them. She said it was a hoot! The Grade 8 boys were whislting at her every time she was on stage and Yesterday if ONE seen her in the halls they would say there goes that hot chick from beauty and the beast. Lumiere had the same problem with the girls!

Yes Anna they will have some great memeroies from this production! That's why they end up balling after the finale. SOme are leaving to go off to college and this means it was there last prodcution. They all miss the fun and commradery! I wish I had done some when I went there. SIGH!

moe said...

Wow It looks like it was quite the professional production. I'm always amazed what the kids at school can pull off. And the costumes. Wow!


twinmomplusone said...

Way to go Miranda! And way to go mom (s), what amazing costumes. Do you get to keep them?

Silver Creek Mom said...

We kept the French maid one because I paid for it. The Feather Duster was paid for by the school. So they have it. I was willing to donate it but Miranda said NO WAY I'm Keeping it. Besides T likes it.