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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've been lost.

Totally absorbed.

I mean like this hasn't happened to me in a long time, could be years, I don't know.

My brain has been in mommy gear fro so long it's hard to remember when I did anything else.

I've been lost in a project I'm doing and I'm teaching it to myself and LOVIN' IT!

After T's birthday I decided to take the film footage I shot with my digital camcorder and make a movie for him. First let me say I'm no techo junkie and I'm not usually great with learning new things that are related to computers. So I sat down with a few of the Movie software programs that came with our computer to see what I coulddo and learn and I called a friend who has been doing this for awhile. We chit chatted, Jack gave his opininon and I went in and looked. I found a program that was self explainatory and thought What they hey I'll give it a shot I can always download it again if i make a mistake.

WOW what you can do with these programs! I've been editing; putting words over film clips...adding music and what not and it's total FUN!

Poor Nathan has not seen much of me since I started this. And I have to clean for my open house this weekend (clothing) and all I want to do is see what else I can do to this. I've imported Pictures made up a story...It's fun to actaully use my brain cells for other than trying to get my kids to eat or behave. It's like a break!

In Other News

Miranda has been nominated for an Oscar! Yes People! Her school has an Oscar night. They all have to dress up and walk a red carpet and eat appitizers and sit there and clap and look happy when someone else wins an award. Her peers had to nominate her and she came home last night tooo excited!She totally couldn't believe anyone would even nominate her, and it had to be more than one person to get announced! She said it would the only time she would ever get to say this. Of course she is up against some tough competition. Her boyfriend and her friend Matt and a few others she hangs out with. For outstanding Drama KID! LMAO! It's too funny!

Well I'm off to shower go to the post office, bank and groceries, come back and clean...Yuuugghhh...does it ever stop?

What would your acceptance speech be if you won and Ocsar!

Mine...I would like to thank everyone in the world who ever spoke to me! Thank you!



BeachMama said...

I love learning new things. I think you are onto the same thing with your movie that I am onto with my new camera. It feels great to be learning something new and using my brain, which doesn't happen too often ;)

Congrats to Miranda for being nominated for the Oscar.

My acceptance speech would include a thank you to all those who worked at the cinemas. Without whom, none of the actors would be seen. (can you tell I am a former Cineplex Odeon employee?)


Found this quote in a book thought it was cute. "If you rest,you rust." Helen Hayes.

So I guess it's best to never stop.LOL

Hope said...

And I would like to thank all those poor fans who came to the theatre, sat in uncomfortable seats behind rude people, ate 30.00 worth of snacks and left, spending 125.00 after paying the babysitter. I'd also like to tell you the DVD goes on sale in the lobby for 19.95 right after the show.