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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Letter * F* Meme

I kinda have a sinus headache to day so anything I wirte is not going to be too brilliant (Like I ever am)
SO I was reading my favorite blogs and I seen Dani had done this Meme. I figured it was something I could do. It took me forever to think of what letter I wanted to use. I finally choose the letter F. It was a toss up between F and S...but F won out in the FINAL toss. ;)

In no particular order.

FAMILY - Family is very important to me. No matter what goes on in my life my FAMILY is the most important thing and always first on my mind. Constant worry and Constant PRIDE. My kids are the world to me and My hubby too.

FAITH - My Faith in God is important. I've gone through some tough times in my life (haven't we all) and my Faith has been there. NOW I may not agree with organinzed religion but I do believe there is a higher power and that is a comfort to me.

FULLFILLED- This is want I want for my kids and myself. I am fullfilled in parts of my life, I want them to be fulfilled in everything their lives. I want to do things that are exciting and that make them HAPPY. CONTENT. AT PEACE. LOVED. Whatever they want to do and whoever they are with. Insecurtiy seems to eat at you so being fullfilled is a good thing.

FACILE: French word meaning easy or simple. I want things to be simple in my life. In everybodies lives. The world is hectic and busy but I hope everyone takes the time once a day to just sit and rest.

FRIENDSHIP: this is very important to me. I've always felt I needed good friends. I now have that. I'm comfortabel know that some that I don't talk to often will be there and when I call it's will be like we talked last week. It's a great feeling. I want my kids to ahve this too and I see that Miranda has found this with her friends. They all stick up for each other and call when they think something is wrong. A good thing for everyone.

FACTUAL: Well I'm stretching here. I want my kids to be well edcuated and smart about things. I want them to be book smart and emotionally smart. The best of both worlds.

FEARLESS: I've always wanted to be fearless. I want my kids to be fearless. To not worry about things and if they see something they want to work hard to get it. My fears have always held me back and I fight that every day. I hope my kids can over come and DO...not sit and watch.

FORUNATE: this is a word I can get into. I am very fournate in my life. I have a great Hubby and Wonderful smart beautiful kids. I have a loving family even if I don't agree with everything they do, but HEY I don;'t have to live their lives. I live in the best COUNTRY in the world, I have a wonderful home even if it is not quite FINISHED!

FINISHED: I don't want to leave things unfinished. I have alot to do yet with my life and it is just starting. I have to overcome my fears and just go for it. I have many things to try and experience and have FUN along the way. I hope you Finish the things you want to.

Here I could have pick a number of F words but I decided to pick a fun one

FASHION: I love clothes. I love to look good. I love house fashions. Just want to get my body back in FAHSION.

Enough said.

There you go People go and find 10 words that mean something to you that start with the same letter.
(I waiting to see who does x and z)

EDIT**** I left out FUN! NO not FUCK... FUN!

FUN Is a great word and ONE I LOVE! I love to have fun be it with my kids, family or Friends.... I LOVE FUN!!!


Hope said...

a new word.
I will use it. And strive for it.

twinmomplusone said...

Very well done Sharon :)

nancy said...

Where is Fuck?

nancy said...

Come on, lighten up, someone had to say it, who better than me??

Silver Creek Mom said...

LMFUCKING ASS OFF! I knew you would say that...thanks for not dissapointing me Nancy...

I left out FUN!

Better fix that now.

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