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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy Weekend

Over all forecast for the past weekend , Pretty good with warm feeling flowing throughout with only a slight cold front blowing here and there. And that is pretty good.

Was cloudly and COLD Saturday but we got the Garden in finally we were done by 2 . BUT we we all together working in it and it was warm for the most part. Miranda and Nathan both helped and it made things go so much quicker. Miranda was in rare form and was making us laugh. Jack was happy they were both there. We all talked and teased and no one complained about the bugs...it was too freakin' cold and windy for them.

Sunday Off the Church and then we all went to Subway and the to see the movie Cars. Nathan was smiling and laughing through it all and the first thing he said this morning was "Can I have the movie Cars?"LOL!It was fun and I enjoyed it. It was alittle long in places but not bad. Nathan was super in the Movie although he started asking a ton of questions near the end. Then we went to Chapters, Mir had a few gift cards to use up and got herself some new cd's. Nathan was tired by then a took a fit and we left pretty quickly. He fell asleep pretty quickly on the way home.

It was good family time this weekend.

And then it happened. I wish Jack would say what he wants sometimes. Mir's Friend called up and wanted her to go over to sleepover and study. Jack really didn't want her to go. HE wanted her to stay and have supper with us. But he wouldn't say that. So finally he told her to call and have supper with us and he would drive her there later. She was fine with that but he didn't really ask he demanded. She told him if he would just ask she will do it but don't grough at her. She's right. I've been watching them closer and listening to how he speaks to her lately. HE doesn't really ask he thinks she should figure it out. NO clue why. BUT He had to be grouchy about it. I told him if he doesn't say what he wants you don't usually get it. He was ticked all night that she left. I never said a word on way or the other. I'm sick of being the middle man between them. They need to talk. HE needs to tell her how he feels and talk and ask clearer quetions. His questions even confuse me at times. I talk to her in my own way and time and I talk alot but he just stews. And he did tell her yes she could go.


Percentage wise we had a 90% good weekend with only 10% of negative feeling and grouchyness.

Forecast for the rest of the week. Uncertain.

Off to do laundry, Cut grass, Plant a hosta, dishes, pick up Mir, etc...Typical day.


Dana said...

I am itching to see "Cars" - would it be a good adult-date movie, too? And, could you swing by my place to plant a few hostas? My garden is starting to look... neglected!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Well it depends on HOW much you LOVE animation and Owen Wilson and Paul Newman. Great Date movie for me. ;)


I too did some gardening this weekend. So cool out... but great weather for keeping the bugs at bay.

Dana said...

I think I'll try to prod my husband into it this weekend. It just looks SO well done!

BeachMama said...

We had a grouchy grouch at home this weekend too! My theory, not that you asked, but the weather. It was a gorgeous week Monday to Thursday, then the weekend comes and the weather was crappy. All round we had a good one, but Hubby was grouchy and I blame it all on the weather :).

Is Cars too scarey for "J"?

twinmomplusone said...

Amazing how 10% or less of grouchiness can ruin an otherwise great time. Sigh.

I also planted a hosta and the garden and moved a few things around, phew. Hard work but rewarding when I look at it all now.

Baby boy keeps asking to go see "cars" too but baby girl absolutely not interested. Hmmm. May have to wait to rent it.