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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, June 02, 2006

OH I love candy

This is going on over at Andrea's site and I'm soo doing it.

* Candy Swap 2006 Questionnaire

1) When I was a kid, Halloween was all about:
a) collecting as much candy as I could
b) collecting candy to eat as I go
c) sharing with my siblings
d) Who cares about candy? I was too busy egging my teacher's car.
e) Halloween was forbidden in my house and I've never gotten over it. Bring it on!

2) What is more important to you: quality, or quantity?

Quality... I love Lindor Milk Chocolate. Chocolate cheappy easter eggs Gross.

3) If you were on a desert island (haha, I wrote "dessert island" but that would be a totally different question now wouldn't it?) and could only have one sweet treat, which would it be?

Boxes of Lindor truffles

4) You arrive at "Dessert Island" – where you discover a river of pudding flowing freely through a swamp of Cool Whip. No one is watching. What do you do?

I slowly drive right in and roll around in it and then cover myself in the cool whip cream and sigh.

4) Sweet, sour, or savoury?


5) Sex or chocolate?

Do you have to ask? CHOCOLATE!

6) What kind of candy, if any, would you turn down if someone offered?

I'm not a big hard candy fan...the chewier the better...OH I LOVE TOFFEE and CARAMELS! Love for my filling to be pulled out. Yes it has happened.

7) You're at the grocery store, you're children/husband/pets have been The.Worst.Ever. They're throwing cans at each other, tripping little old ladies, taking bites out of the produce and putting them back in the bins, and piercing the milk bags with diaper pins. You feel yourself getting woozy. That vein in your forehead is throbbing. You need an immediate sugar kick before you do something crazy. What do you reach for?

Lindor box of 3...Done that many times.

8) What are your feelings regarding Thrills gum, ribbon candy, scotch mints, and other "grandma candies"?
I like some but others not so much. I don't even know what Thrills gum is ...Ok Hit me now. BUT I do love scotch mints.

9) How adventurous are you? Do spicy dried mealworms or candy-coated crickets give you the willies, or are you willing to try anything once?

I love Gummy bears, does that count?

9) Do you have dentures or other dental issues? Do you have a good dental plan?
Nope got all me own teeth. And my dental plan is good and my Dentist isn't hard on the eyes...if you catch my drift?

Any other info you want to share, I suggest you spill it. :)
Like what?...My goals in Candy life? I want to eat as much chocolate as I can and NOT gain an ounce. Yup that about covers it!


Farm Mommy Kirsten said...

I am next after you on the Candy Swap list and therefor will be your Candy Delivery Angel. Your tastes appear to mirror mind so I've got you covered girl! I'm supposed to get your mail address. Can you mail it to me at:



Hope said...

Thrills gum is sold in a package like chicklets, is purple and tastes remarkable like soap. I have no clue why I love it. Other gramma candies I adore, Chicken Bones, Sensen and humbugs. Always in my grannie's pockets, lovingly shared.

Kailani said...

Okay, I'm a little confused. I thought I was supposed to be sending you candy but it looks like Kirsten is. Aren't we supposed to send to the person next in line?

Kailani said...

Sent your package out today. Please let me know when you receive it. I want to make sure it got to you in good condtion. Thank you!