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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, June 16, 2006

She worries me!

I'm Worried.

I know she is stressed over exams.
I know she worries about her looks,
I know she doesn't eat much, at one sitting.
But she seems to be munching all the time.
Actually she eats less than her 4 yr old brother at times.(at meals)
Ok most of the time.
I know how she feels I used to have the same problem with worry over things.
But I don't remember loosing so much weight.
BUT I swear she has lost more weight.
She's healthly,
She is so bony. I'll have to ask her.
Seeing her beside her girlfriend yesterday she was not big at all.
I hadn't noticed before.
I guess I've got the summer and if she doesn't put on weight in a month I will call the Dr.
Maybe I'm over reacting but somehow I've got to get at least 10 lbs on her.
Any idea's on how to plump her up a bit?

And I want to take off 30...I wonder why things have to changed so.


Farm Mommy Kirsten said...

I don't know what to say to make you feel less worried. Encourage healthy snacks, talk to her about managing stress, make the connection between fuelling her body as a way to manage stress (engines don't run well without gas, etc). It may just be tied to exams and stress around that. See how she does this summer. Try to avoid watching her eating too closely. I have a feeling that, like others I know, it has the potential to erupt into a control issue between you and her. Just make sure you are supportive and remind her how much you love her.

Hope said...

great advise.
always a concern with teenage girls and body image. I was one that was always thin, always being nagged to eat, (I came from hardy Ukrainian stock)
The first thing that goes for me still is eating when I am stressed or out of sorts.

BeachMama said...

Send her to my house, I can fatten her up ;). Seriously though, I know it is such a big thing these days not to eat, but if she agrees and you just want to make sure she is getting all her protein and vitamins, a "power" shake of some sort would probobly be best. I would suggest "Boost" but if she won't drink that there is a good one for women called "Soy One" you mix it with milk or water or juice and it is made with soy which is good for you and has lots of nutrients. You can find lost of protein shake stuff at Loblaws these days or go to GNC or Nutrition house. Just make sure it is something that is added to the diet not used as a "meal replacement". Something athletes would use should fatten her up, or just start cooking pasta!

Dana said...

I wish I had advice of any sort to offer, but my own feelings and thoughts on food and weight combined with my own past makes me completely incapable of reasonable perspective.

How does she feel about her weight?

Silver Creek Mom said...

She feels like she is too skinny, but she is also worried about becoming Fat.
I've done some research and I hope to get her to relize that she can put weight on by eating healthy food.

twinmomplusone said...

good advice here already but I was leaning towards what beachmama suggested: protein shakes, protein bars, vitamins. Pasta. Bodybuilder food. GNC is a great place for this stuff.

being skinny is one thing but her body is still forming, bones mostly, and wouldn't want those to be compromised for tehr est of her life

good luck with this, gentle prodding by mom first and if to no avail, a visit to a doc and having someone else's suggestions may make her realize taht her body needs to be treated as a temple (now if only I could do that ;)

Naomi said...

As a teacher in a school with a lot of teenage anorexics, I can tell you, eating issues are not really about food, most of the time.

WHen a teenage girl is feeling stressed and like her life is out of control, eating, or not, is one thing she CAN control. The issue is much deeper then healthy snacks or food choices (although education in that area is vital and important).

Losing weight and not eating is a symptom of a greater problem. Try to figure out what it is, alongside your daughter, and help her develop coping mechanisms to deal with her stress. She needs to find something that she is good at and loves, that can help build up her self esteem in a non stressful way.

Sorry to be so wordy. Good luck, and I hope it's nothing!