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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Nathan strikes again and other things

We've had a busy weekend. And you never know what is going to come out of the mouth of a little boy who is crawling under the table in a resturant. Yes Dani my boy is no young gentle man in a resturant too.

Let me set this up for you.

Yesterday was my mother in law's birthday...she's turned 69...(I thought she was way older, I know, but the woman acts like she is old.) So my Father in law invites us out for dinner in honour of her birthday,So the family is there plus my Sister in law's family. Tucker is there with Miranda and I had just brought them from seeing Pirates of the Carribean. (I know nothing I'm to see it this week. ) You have to know my inlaws they are a quiet bunch and never say much so it is deadly silent. Like Sunday dinner at there place is a big yawn fest. It is getting better when my SIL's and I kick itup but then the rest stop taling like we are intruppting them. GROAN! I mean no one is talking except for Miranda, Tucker, Jack, Nathan, Karl and I. To be fair Roseanne and her mom had a reason to be quiet they have just lost a dear and and sister this past week and have not recovered from the shock.

Nathan has finished his supper and has gone to talk to his Grandma and is coming back underneath the tables. OK He's like most kids who have finished eating. BORED. So he gets to Tucker's feet and we hear. "Tucker?"

"Where are you Nathan?" and looks under the table.

"Are you wearing flip flops?"

"Yes, Nathan I am."

"Why are you wearing Girls Shoes?"

And the end of the table we are at starts to roar with laughter.

Tucker says "I bought them in the mens department so they are men's shoes. "

Poor Tucker he can't get a break.

I'm please to say Miranda and I had an open and honest discussion about sex, making love and all that stuff, this past weekend. I think it was good for both of us to talk about it like that. And made me relax abit about where her head might be at. Why don't they hand out manuals about this stuff when you leave the hospital with them?

Next weekend Jack and I are going out with Friends to celebrate our mutal 24 th wedding anniversary. I can't wait. Dinner and a movie and no kids! YEAH! Jack and I find it hard to go out on our actual Annivesary since it's 2 days after nathan's birthday so for now we are going to celebrate it early.

Whatever shall I wear? ;)

Next I might just post about our new screen doors! Won't that be a hoot!


nancy said...

Tell Nathan that both my boys got flip flops - they'd been begging all summer and we finally got some.

I wanna see the screen doors!!!!

Marla said...

Y'know, I've always thought flip flops were evil. I hate them - the noise, the sight of less than lovely feet sometimes, and the fact that if vicious aliens landed and I were wearing them, I couldn't run in them to save my life. In our house, they are kept by the door just in case I have to run out to the garbage or to hang laundry for a minute. But if I were to have to carry a toddler upstairs wearing them, or run after her if she dashes into traffic? We'd both perish. So, it is with great satisfaction that I present this link:


Nathan has something.

They are not only shoes, they are a form of oppression, make you look silly, and cause damage.

Think about it - would Lauren Bacall or Humphrey Bogart ever deliver a great line, then turn around and walk off, to the sound of "flip flop flip flop flip flop"?

Down with flip flops!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Marla you slay me! ROTFLMFAO!

Although I have to admit Tucker looked pretty good in them and when he had to run (after Miranda with a super soaker) he fliped them off and ran bare foot.

But the flip flop sound would be sooo cool in a comedy...Humm Film rights???

BeachMama said...

YAY, happy almost anniversary and birthday!!!

Nathan still comes out with some of the best lines :) Flip flops are no longer just for the beach, I'm ok with them as long as they aren't too loud.

Way to go on the chat with Miranda, I am sure all the right decisions will be made.