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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quick Post about Screen doors

I've lived in this house for 15 years people. Yes ! 15 years and I finally got my screen doors. The house was always supposed to have them but it took time. When we first moved in there was no siding on the house. Then we added the porch. Eventually the railing all the way around then our back deck about 5 years ago and this spring I seen these on sale and begged to have them for mothers day. It gives the house a more Finished country look. Grant you I'm not sure the colour works but that I can change.


Kitchen door the one we use the most.


Front of the house and we now use this door alot more. OH And I have my flag up for July 1st Canada Day.
Keep cool all!


Marla said...

I just hope they make that wonderful, classic, sound of summer slamming noise. And I like the colour!

Silver Creek Mom said...

They do when you slam them. LOL! I don't have springs on them although I've been told they are not finished till I do.


nancy said...

Excellent, love love love them!

Hope said...

love the colour, love your porch.

BeachMama said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!! How awesome that you were able to get them put up, must make such a difference. And I love the colour too, no need to change, they match the flag.

twinmomplusone said...

It's about time ;)

LOVE the color, can't wait to really SEE them