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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What happened in the creek!

Well it's all over.

And it was soo much fun!

It was a busy long weekend and FUN! Saturday we did alittle poking around and went to see the Canada Day fireworks (Nathan's first) at the Musuem of Civilization in Hull. They were awesone and the rain held off! Took tons of pictures but I should have brought a tripod...too much camera shake.

Sunday: Miranda's Surprise Party and Miranda was totally surprised. The fake party really threw her for a loop. The she arrives home with Tucker from the movie and I say Sheila and Denis are here for supper but come and see who else is here for supper and all her friends run out with lei's yelling surprise! She jumped and cried and the first thing out of her mouth after OMG was "there are so many of you!!" Lmao. Then she seen A few of her graduating friends. And then said to them YOUR at MY HOUSE! LMAO! She Hit T becasue he was in on it. And I broke the first Water balloon over her head and it was ON. 100 water ballons broke in 2 min flat! Then buckets and they were all soaked pretty soon. Then chatted. Then played capture the flag after supper till dark...I dressed some of them with tuban made from my weekenders shawls. LOL! they put on war paint with magic markers. LOL. Not the typical 15 to 17 yr olds.

Then Fireworks and it was over.

She got some nice gifts and some I know they mean more than the giver was intending. Matt wrote her a song and sang it by the fire to her. T wouldn't come and listen to it he was not impressed that his friend wrote his girlfriend a song. You could tell T's parents were surprised and seen that he has a crush on her. Jason gave her a cd with songs that remind him of her. SIGH....It was funny. You know, T and Mir make the perfect pair. Both have people falling all over them and both are uncomfortable with it. A few of the gifts I didn't see. But they were home made and mean something to the gang.

We had some party crashers too. One of the girls I invited invited a few others and it was great casue I know they do like Miranda! Evened up the girl/boy thing here.

Yesterday I was finding PANTS, Money bank cards, jewerly sun glasses, hats all kinds of things all over the place. LOL!

OH and

Happy 4th of July to my south of the boarder FRIENDS!

Also I will not be blogging as much during the summer. Tooo much to do and I will try to update once a week or so. BUT I'm sure I will be back here in full force once school starts up again in September. I'm sure I will have many stories from Nathan first year in school that will keep us all entertained. I'm off to pull a splinter out of his toe. He needs to wear shoes.

Have a great Summer all.


nancy said...

I had too much fun just reading all that!


Silver Creek Mom said...

And the worst part of the Pants...was they are T's brothers pants~! LMAO!

Needless to say he was not impressed.

twinmomplusone said...

What a FUN FUN time! Kudos to you for organizing such a fun time for all. You're one cool mom.

As for your blogging, you HAVE to update once in a while or else how will we keep up with your life plus we'd go throw withdrawal ;)

have a fun summer too

Hope said...

Sounds like great fun, though personally I hate surprise parties, because I never catch on and am always close to a heart attack.
It's been a great weekend for waterfights here as well. Have a great summer.

BeachMama said...

That sounds like it was the best party ever.

Funny how the kids with crushes still persue these days. Years ago if someone had a boyfriend the others stayed away (for the most part) and you only found out years later that they really liked you.

I hope we have some fun parties like that around here, will you come help set up??