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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eight Days/One Hundred and Forty Eight Days

Eight days.

One Hundred and Forty Eight days. (give or take a few)

Eight, doesn't seem like a huge number, does it?

One Hundred and Forty Eight does?

But to me they are the same number in a way.

8 potatoes chips is not even a hand full. 148 is a good size seving.

But these two numbers have alot in common for me. They are both Numbers that will Change my world totally, and not just mine Miranda and Nathan.

Yes, in 8 short days school starts here in Qu├ębec.

Nathan who seems to be warming up to the idea that school might be a fun place(depending on the day) is starting to look forward to it. I'm sure he will love having something to so everyday with other kids. He hasn't really asked to go but he is asking me to help him learn to read and stuff like that. He has said he is gonna help the teacher but with all those kids she is gonna need the help. LOL I'm sure she will with him. It's a big change for him and for me. He has to learn to be more independent from Mommy. Much easier to do when Mommy is not around. Although lately he has been changing. I'm hoping he'll listen to other adults more than he listens to me. He is very strong willed and knows his own thoughts (just like his dad and Grandpa unforunately) And I'm scared for him. He is not a BIG boy. He is NOT fast or patient for that matter, and he has a temper...Especially when he is frustrated with himself. I know he will do well academically but socially he has always like just being with one or two kids and not a group. He will go and play by himself when there is a group is around just that is just who he is.

It will be a big change for me. I am looking forward to having my freedom the ability to go out and meet other mom's and have coffee. (Twinmom get that Kleenex box ready.) Working on buiness and making it grow, so I can have money for my paks and buying a few things I would like to have. I looking forward to getting my house organized ( ok It's on my to do list for years and I have done some and I'm still working on it) and at least keeping it clean for more than 30 seconds. and FINALLY joining Curves so I can do a little tune up on me. (Fine Alot) BUT I will miss not having that smiling face around me, asking me a gazillion questions , most of which I can't answer. I don't want to worry he is being picked on or he is picking on someone else. Although it is a small school and I know some of the teachers very well. They were there when Miranda was. All the worrry overrides this new found freedom. Of course this might change in a week or so.

148 days. Long time, isn't it?

But it's not.

That's how many days my baby Girl has left in high school.
Good GOD she just started there! Then she is off college. Honestly this year will fly by in a heartbeat. Where did the time go? I can still remember her first day of School. What clothes she had picked out for the day. How she went in bravely and was fine with everything that went in around her. How she made afriend that she is still close to today. I remember waiting for the bus on the first day and how late it was and worried I was. How excited she was that she had made new friends and she loved her teacher. I remember her first day at Junior high and who excited she was to ge going the hour long ride to Hull and her first day a Philomen and now it's just about done. So NOW she is thinking about what she needs to get into Cegep and what courses to take to get her into Queens in theater. She is starting her adult life I'm not sure I'm ready for my little girl to be all grown up. Who will rub her back when she has a bad dream?

Do get me wrong I am excited for them to be starting a new phase. I'm looking forward to hearing the stories about what is going on in there lives that I'm not there to see. Something new to talk about at dinner time. Helping with Nathan's homework (when he's not arguing with me about it) Helping Miranda pick the courses she needs to get her where she wants to go.

I just know as a SAHM I will miss them being here. In a way I guess my JOB as SAHM is kinda over. I just a Mom now. With the rest of her life ahead and no real plan. Is there more to me than this? I guess that is another blog for another day.



nancy said...

You are NEVER "just a Mom" and don't you forget it.

Silver Creek Mom said...


nancy said...

Sheesh woman - show some enthusiasm!!!

Silver Creek Mom said...



Is that better Nancy?

BeachMama said...

Wow, never really thought of it as one starting and one finishing school. This is a big change for you.

And I have to agree with Nancy, you are never "just" a Mom.

twinmomplusone said...

a beginning, an end, the continuum of life and Mom will be there every step of the way cheering them on. Like you, I'm at such a crossroad where our daily routines will change and we'll need to readjust our daily lives with more time for ourselves for a change ;)

got that box of kleenex ready for ya or a glass of wine if you would prefer ;)