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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, August 18, 2006

I promise, last part of our Trip!

Our last stop and then HOME!

Thursday Morning we get up and take our time getting dressed. We wandered downstairs with all our gear and checked out (almost 11 by this anyways) and decided to eat in the Hotel. BIG mistake. Cost me $12.00 just for the kids to eat and Miranda had a bagel and a juice( they even charged for her Cream Cheeze spread) Nathan I picked a muffin (that he wouldn't eat becasue it had raisins in it) A rice Crispy Bar (that he did eat.) A yourgurt (that I ended up eating) and a milk. Jack and I had the breakfast special. scambled eggs, toast, bacon (which Nathan ate) Juice and a coffee for $12.00 a plate. I guess we were abit spoiled in Queenston with the 20.00 breakfast for four.

Nathan in the room at the Delta Chelsea!

We wandered down town and after a few twists and turns FOUND the CN tower. It's not like it's easy to miss but for some reason we couldn't get to the bottom of the tower. LOL! Great Tourists!

Mommy Look at all the TRAIN TRACKS! Nathan LOVES trains and this was pretty exciting for a 5 year old to see this many tracks in one place. This walkover,(to the Tower) is over the tracks that Come into Union Station in downtown TO.


The CN Tower...Big, ain't it! And we went all the way UP THERE!


But a great View! Hello Toronto!


Island Airport and Lake Ontario.

Let me See! There was a glass type floor on the observation deck and kids and adults jumping all over it. It's looked stright down the tower to the ground...all 553 M give or take a few. I would NOT let my kids on it and I could even lean forward to take a pitcure. FREAKEDMEOUT!

That's the end of a perfect Time.

When returned home we were glad to be there but, there wasn't that HURRY to get home and do something. We arrived rested, relaxed and almost regretful. I think in the back of our minds, Miranda, Jack and I, was that how many more of these are going to happen?I hope that we will be one of those family that always find a way to get together with each other on a trip, not just at home, and meet in a location and have fun. Both Jack and My families don't do this. Sad really but the thing is we would get sick of each other if we did. And I'm being nice.

Hope I didn't bore you all to tears, we just all had a great time and I wanted to share. Next year we won't be taking a family vacation, With Miranda going off to Spain in March and Jack and I celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary and going with AUDLT friends to Newfoundland. It makes me sad in a way but I think the year after we will do one blow out and then Miranda will be off to University.

Off to do....laundry...OH how the fun fades to a memory that keeps me through the rinse cycle.



BeachMama said...

The floor in the CN tower really freaks me out too! A stood over it and took photos last year, while I was almost puking my guts up watching him.

We, as a family still take Vacations together. Mostly to the Beach, but sometimes we go elsewhere together. People ask us how we go to the same beach every year and we tell them, not only do we love it so, but as a family (our parents included) it is one thing we can all do together and we always have a great time. Some sort of drama always seems to occur with the extended members, but its still a lot of fun! You guys can do it too, just keep planning to see plays and Miranda will keep going with you ;).

Hope said...

Like a mini vacation, I enjoyed your vacation posts.
Get home safe!

twinmomplusone said...

I really enjoyed your vacation posts and was so glad that you got to do this together. Family memories are the best.