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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Niagara Falls

After a comfortable and oh so quiet sleep in our Inn, away from the world, we got up to moosey on over across the street to the orginal part of the Inn to have a breakfast made by our garicious host and hostess. They have a $5.00 breakfast special that we all ate and devoured and TEA made right. Watered brought to a boil and served in a ceramic tea pot! Not made with luke warm water and in a tin pot. Hate that.

Off we went to Niagara Falls. Although along the way we had to stop at one of the roadside family markets to buy a basket of FRESH picked peaches. OMG they were sooo good. I ate two right away. I was thrilled because I had never seen a peach tree before. Miranda though I was nuts to be soo excited about something like that. Hey I'm On vacation I'm allowed to get thrilled about stuff. Nathan wanted to pick some but would not eat at thing. I hope that boy gets some taste soon.

This whole region have fields and fields of Peach trees, cherry trees, plum trees and so many Wineries. We wanted to stop but I thought the kids, well Nathan, might knock over a wine rack. I'm going back sometime to take a wine tour.

Niagara falls is one place I had been too about 22 years ago and let me say WOW it had changed. The hotel we stayed at, added a HUGE water park where there parking lot once was. A ton of other hotels have been added and Chifton Hill was as crazy as ever although alot less with the wedding type Inns in fact most of them were gone.

But still we had a good time. The falls themselves have not changed and the area around has changed abit but not to the degree it could have been. We did the Maid of the Mist and the walk under the falls and a few of the wax musuems and this Big Ass Ferris wheel that is a great view of the falls.

View of the Falls from the maid of the Mist.

That's alot of water going over them there falls.
The Falls from the top. Yes this is Horseshoe Falls. We didn't have time to cross the bridge to Bufflalo and see the Rainbow Falls up close but we did see them from our Boat ride and i have a great shot of them later on. But we were ready with our passports.

Nathan was great in this town. I was abit worried about how he would deal with all the people and busy streets, and wanting every cheap toy he seen, but my little boy is growing up. He walked along the streets carefully, held out hands at crossings, SOMETHING I had to fight to do around here. And was well behaved anywhere we went. Although when we told him we were going on a boat and under the fallsand on the ferris wheel he kept saying he was scared and didn't want to do it. And he ended up saying on everything "this is Awesome or Cool" Miranda made her father's whole trip by getting alittle nervous (ok alot) on the ferris wheel. Daddy had to sit beside her and hold her till she got used to the height. " For the first time in 10 years my daughter needs me." He was so pleased. LOL! And she laughed and said "yes I do and don't move Or I'll cry." LOL!

Miranda NOT thrilled to be in the ferris wheel that is totall enclosed and she wanted to do this ride. I didn't even talk her into it.
Nathan loving the ride...he saying this is AWESOME mom!


The VIEW from the Ferris wheel. So worth the ride. (Rainbow Falls)

See! Told you it was BIG.

Pucker up Harry! Mir wants a Kiss. She so hates this shot I made her do it. LOL!

After a day at the falls we went to our favorite resturant that are good for Grumpy Kids Swiss Chalet. I have to admit they were very accomadating to our needs a quiet conner and FOOD FAST for Nathan who was tired and very grumpy and hungry. Not a great combo. We ate quickly and headed back to queenston to ur Inn and our Room. Miranda and Paul went into Niagara On The Lake to the Festivale Theater to see High Society which they both loved. Nathan and I crashed in our room and heard as clear as a bell a concert from across the river. Sounded like Styx to me.


Miranda going into the Theater. I wonder if she will ever work here one day. I sure hope so!

We had a grreat day in Niagara Falls. we took our time and went at Nathan speed. Didn't over book ourselves to hurry at anything. And I got a badly sun burned cleavage from the top I was wearing. Figures I should keep my cleavage out of the sun.

So tomorrow our trip to Toronto and Spamalot!


nancy said...

I can't wait to take my gang there one day...excellent pics!!!


Love your travel stories! The pics are great too!

Anonymous said...

Great, great pics Sharon. We went to Niagra/Marine Land last year and it was nice.

thanks for sharing.


Marla said...

How cool that you had fun! And you know, I grew up within spitting distance, and never went on the Maid of the Mist. I can't wait to take Josephine when she's older. And I am so not good with heights that I can't even look at pictures of the Ferris Wheel. I'll tell you why over a bourbon some day.

BeachMama said...

I love your trip! A little sight seeing, a littel touristy, a little quaint, a litte theatre, and a little big city. Looks like you had a bit of everything in there.

Photos are great, Mirando looks so good, if only I looked so good while travelling ;).

Can't wait to hear about the TO part!

twinmomplusone said...

We were in Niagara a few years ago and did all teh touristy things too, Well, the Ferris Wheel wasn't here though.

And Miranda is stunning, as you know. Love her hair.