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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whew Made it!

From Queenston to TO!

We slept in on Wednesday and took our time at Breakfast ( don't think you could move fast in that town if you tried!) and then wandered off in the Direction of Toronto. We made a short stop in Niagara on the lake to take in the sights and buy a few nick nacks. Miranda bought T a Lollipop the size of his head and believe me his head isn't small. LOL! (Of course he loved it he said "this si the nicest thing anyone has ever gotten me!) Also so Corspe Bride lip gloss and some mints and Cotton Candy. It was a great Candy shop. Then we went into many hat shopps and Miranda had to try on every single one. She loves hats. Then we drove off and stopped at many look out over Lake Ontario. At one place we could see Toronto across the lake. Barely but it was there. Nathan shot stones into the lake and then we headed off to the Highway to make our way to Toronto.

Miranda waving goodbye to Queenston from our Balcony.

I don't know if you can see it but TO is across the lake.


Jack and Nathan checking out the rocks by the lake...Or the breakwater.

My beautiful daughter checking a picture she took of the Lake.

Three of us getting out picture taken. AWWW Family shot missing Daddy!

We got to the Delta Chelsea about 3 ish and we checked in. It's a big hotel but very nice and family oreintented. Lots of things to so with the kids - A 4 story water park, Movie nights... Free popcorn in the lobby when checking in, a guy making ballon animals and kids toy pack at the desk too.

And then went to the Eaton Center. I seem to have lost my watch so I went and got a new one. Plus Miranda did alittle school shopping and got a couple of sweaters. Just to say she got in Toronto. After a quick look and off again to eat supper at Red Lobster. Miranda and I had our fill of Shrimp. (Jack and Nathan, Pasta and Checken strips) and then back to the Hotel to get ready for OUR eveing at the Cannon Theater and SPAMALOT! And Toronto has it share of those Male Animals we talked about on the first Day. While on our way back to the hotel I spotted this one guy smiling and winking at Miranda and she caught this one. He wasn't bad looking either. Well I can look can't I?

Let me say that I thought the Cannon looked like a small dingy theater...OH MY Was I WRONG! It's beautiful and huge. Opulant is the word. And the Production was a hoot. I laughing till I cried at the end. SOO Funny. Then we walked back and ordered a $50.00 bottle of wine and drank that and went to sleep.


Miranda and I before leaving for Spamalot. Sorry no pic's of the theater. Forgot the camera. DARN! Yes my chest is sunburnt!

Miranda didn't like TO She said it was too big for her. And she said as you drive down Young street you see nice shop dingy shop and Strip clubs along with NICE expensvie clubs. Not her type of place. Young street is quite the street. She says she a small town girl all the way. LOL!

So tomorrow our Trip to the CN Tower and home.


Northern Mom said...

Sounds like a great vacation...
And might I add that I love the haircolor and the length....
We'll talk soon

twinmomplusone said...

LOVE that picture of you and Miranda ;)