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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It happened soo soon.

I was expecting it.

Even dreading it.

BUT I knew it would come but not soo soon.

Exactly one week from when school started.

I got it.

The dreaded call.


Yes my 5 year old got sent to the office.
Nathan was in the prinicpals office for biting another child. I'm mortified.
He's always been a biter. I have no clue why. He has been getting better. I thought we were passed this phase. I knew he was tired this morning and that is when it happens the most when he is tired. IF I had a clue how to stop it I would. He's been biting since the day he was born. I'm serious. He bite me while nursing and he was only a few hours old and 6 weeks early. There was a time when we all would freeze for fear he would bite us when he came near us. At that time is was a sign of affection.

So I talked to him about it and I took his favorite toys away. I told him he has to draw a picture and say he is sorry to the other child and give him the letter tomorrow. I told him he just showed every kid in the class a good reason NOT to be friends with him. No one wants to get hurt. He said the other kid hurt him first. I asked how. He said he hit me with his fingers in the face. I asked he used his words. He replied NO. I told him we NEVER BITE and we always use our words.

What makes me wonder is what I did wrong with this child. It seems I'm always disapleining him. I'm always telling him no. I try to use postiive reinforcement. Praise him when he does something good and wonderful. He's such a loving child and can't cuddle enough most times. He loves to help and he is pretty smart. He tells me he is bored at school. I tell him to wait it just started.

I guess I should go in and talk to the teacher and the principal.

He won't talk he tells me HE's mad at me. HA! We'll be talking about this when Daddy comes home.


Edit to add. When he did talk to me he told me the other kid was flicking his face with his fingers and wouldn't stop so he bit him. I told him if he had told the teacher the other kid would have been in trouble and not him. He looked at me and Thought about it and Said I could say Mrs. White so and so is hurting me. and then I wouldn't get into trouble. Sigh...So much to learn.


BeachMama said...


Not the call you wanted to get so early on. Hope it was a one time deal and that he realizes his mistake.


nancy said...

Oh no!!! I was sent to the Principal once, in grade 4, for squirting the teacher in the eye with a water gun. Does that make you feel better?

It's the truth.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Well not the part that you got sent to the office but the squirting the teacher in the eye with a water gun mad me LOL!


School, so many lessons to learn.

Has Nathan ever been bitten?

twinmomplusone said...

oh no SCM! so much for him to learn and hoping its a one time deal.

I got that dreaded call from the principal, a new one at teh school, when big sis was in 4th grade, twice in a few weeks: once cause she told this older boy "to go s*ck his d*ck" (she was told by the school bully to go do it or else she was going to beat her) and once cause she bit another kid (who actually deserved it cause she was tath same school bully). Of course we talked things over with her (to let people know when she was being bullied, to use words instead of biting, to not get caught...kidding). But worse tahtn taht, was taht the new principal now viewed her as a "bad" kid and the though of her being associated with taht stigma was making me sick. It took quite a while before this "bully" was found out.

good luck

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I hate seeing the kids school listed on the caller ID when the phone rings during the day...though it is usually the teenager in trouble.