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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's Not New Years

It's September 5th.

What prompted me to use this day as a Start Day? Well I was cursing the web and seen over at the Fish Bowl and seen some of Andrea's goals written down and posted for all the wrold to see. I used to do this when I was more organized but now I seem have let my life fall into clutter and disorganization. Everyday life can do that to a person.

SO September 5th.

Is the date I will use to make resolutions of sort that usually falls on the first of the year. But I've never really liked that part of the year to make or set goals for my life. I felt Fall or when the school year started was the time to set goals. Your coming out of vacation mode and into lets get working and winter is coming mode. So I'm choosing today as my NEW LIFE Resolution day, and we'll see in a year from now how many I can do and keep up with.

Like everyone, I have things rumanating around in my brain box of things I want to do for myself and for others. Some are superfical, some are not. Some are intensely personal, some not so much. I 've read and been told that the universe will respond to things that you write down and put out there. Or maybe it's God but whatever it is I hope this little list will help me set and keep my goals.

My goals for me in no particular order.

1) loose weight - this is a big one one for me. I have about 40 lbs to loose and I did give it a go last summer when I joined Weight Watchers, but I didn't exercise. AND I found I was always writing what I was eating down which made me hunrgy because I was thinking about food and what I was going to eat next meal. I don't say it doen't work I lost about 10 lbs. But I just couldn't keep it up. Sub note. I 've started a online Blog about my issues with my weight and i will try to post more regualy on it on what I am thinking. Whatever Happened to the OLD Sized Me?

2) Join Curves get healthy! I waiting till next pay and I'm going. I feel better when I exercise and I absolutely hate my mid section that is always sticking out. Going to loose that puppy!

3) Get back to my art. I'm ready. have a 7 year break I want to feel a brush in my hands again. I've already started in this goal. My hubby and I were working on book cases for my Studio and getting counters put in so I can WORK.

4) Ask people for help when I need it. I never have been able to do this and I'm the first one there to help others.

5) Work my buiness. I sell Weekenders as you all know. I need to get a bigger client base and I would be happy to have a good part time buiness. 2 presetations a week all I need to amke themoney I need to have some FUN. I'm afraid to ask people to book parties when I'm doing a presentation. I don't want to impose on their lives. WHICH is dumb becaue I have no problem with the word NO. I do love the clothes. I love to look good. Yes this is superfical but we all need to get dressed don't we?

6) Get my kitchen painted! I've been doing this since last Christmas and I haven't even touched the room. time to get off the chair and push away from the computer.

7) Illustrate a children's book. I was going to write one at one point and have a list of idea's and some have been started but, my goal has changed here. I'm no good at telling interesting stories to kids. I'm no Robert Munch. But I'm would love to try to illustrate one. Actaully I would love to take a course on this. This may be a sub goal?

8) Eat better. keep the chips and Doritos out of the house. I love salty and crunchy snacks. Enough said.

9) Volunteer with my sons' school, one day a week. They've already asked me but my problem is not going in everyday till my whole live is eaten up with helping others and leaving nothing for my family. This happened with Miranda. I'm not saying it's a bad thing and that I didn't enjoy it but I do have to do stuff for me and mine.

10) Sell some of my work ONCE I start again. I would love to beselling in a gallery but i have never thought my work was good enough. Yes this is a self confidence issue. And a BIG FEAR. one that I will have to take baby steps to over come.

So there you have a few of my goals. I'm sure I will add to this list as time goes and and goals come up and change. I hope that we all can support ourselves and get some of our goals accomplished.


andrea from the fish bowl said...

I'm so glad you shared your goals!

What you said here:
"I'm afraid to ask people to book parties when I'm doing a presentation"

I am often gripped by fear of talking to people or (ugh, I can't believe I'm admitting this) CALLING people on the telephone. Seriously. And what helps me is this: I pretend I'm someone else.

A couple years ago I had to go to a business networking party alone. I was really nervous, but I knew I had to do it. I took a deep breath, plastered a huge grin on my face, and pretended I was an extrovert. It worked. I got through the evening and actually had a lot of fun.

And if I can do that, I think anyone can!


I too often think of the beginning of Sept. as the start of the new year. I guess because there is always so much change in this month.

Silver Creek Mom said...

The Phone is a BIG one for me too. Mainly because I hate to be called when it's telephone solisting. I hang up. I soooo Don't want to hear that sound.

Thanks for the advice Andrea and I will try to ACT when Selling clothes.

twinmomplusone said...

Good for you for writing your goals down. A great step in teh right direction.

September is definitely teh start of a new yer for us moms because its a whole change of daily routine that happens. In your case and mine, a big change this year.

I should go off and write down my goals. Have to think about them first...

BeachMama said...

I tried to post yesterday but Blogger wouldn't let me :(.

I think not only is September an awesome time for goal setting, but that all of your goals are very realistic and achievable.

You put nothing down here that you can't get to. All of it is within reach and I believe you can do it all.

I for one have seen your painting and would like to say that you could do both a show and sell some of your work. I totally understand being chicken, I am one of the biggest. If you want to try to sell some of your work, go incognito. Sell under another name, see how it goes and slowly switch to your real name. The same way authors write books.

I also agree with Andrea, about pretending you are someone else. I used to do that when I was waitressing. I was terrified to approach a table. I just pretended I was someone else who was really outgoing and not the real shy me inside. It worked and surprisingly people hardly ever recognized me away from the restaurant :)

I'll also come and hold your hand.