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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning Review

Well the weekend is over.

It seemed like the dishes were never quite finished the laundry was always there and I had to keep making more and more food. Nathan was out of sorts and I have no clue why and Miranda was miss mood swing. One moment cheerful and happy next grumpy and scarcastic.

Nathan was quite the bear this past weekend. It started Friday with a melt down in a depanneur where he wanted some milk but then he seen a toy and wanted that. I told him no. He took a complete breakdown in the store complete with the "I HATE YOU MOMMY, YOUR SO MEAN, YOU NEVER BUY ME ANYTHING" rants. (yes in public) it was quite the display. The one where if you see it with some other child pulling it your feel nothing but pity for the poor mom. YUP I was her...(See me jumping up and down waving) I put him back in the van after buying the milk and listened to him scream at me all the way to Hull to pick up his sister after school. The he was as good as gold when Miranda and her firends got in the van. SIGH I must have Dr. Jekyl and Mr. hyde here.

I was to go shopping with Miranda after I picked her up to get her some shoes for her trip to Stratford. But we went right home instead. No way I was risking a tanturm again. I knowhe was tired but HE KNOWS I never buy him a thing when he acts like that. Jack worked late and came home with a headache but sent us out for shoes anyway. Which we did and enjoyed for the few minutes we had of peace and quite.

Saturday. Racked wine. Put Nathan in timeouts and Miranda did homework. Fed T and Jack's brother and his Wife.

Sunday: Nathan seemed find till we left Grandpa's after lunch and screamed all the way home, ( he didn't want to leave) by this time I had one heck of a sinus headache and had to sleep most of the afternoon while Jack took Nathan to fly his kite. Listened to Miranda grouch at Jack over her homework she doesn't talk to me or anyone else the way she talks to her father and I called her on it and she said she was just frustrated with herself. I can understand that but why the sarcasm when talking to him? There is no reason for that. We had a very tense supper in our house. Although after supper I got Nathan into the bath and bed and out by 8 and Jack and Miranda did talk and finish that physics homework.

It's weekends like this that sometime makes me wonder what I did wrong. I wonder if I spoiled the kids. Do I talk too much? I try so say no and stick to it. Actually I think I'm pretty good at it. But the stress level was almost too much to bear this weekend. Can my weekend away in TO come fast enough. NOPE. I just need a change of pace and scenery.

Sometimes I wish I could take and extra day and go down to TO alone and spend the day just walking and looking. Taking my time in a bookstore or go to a museum (I haven't down that in years, gone to a museum). I've never traveled alone and done that. Grant you I would probably go nuts and end up going to my hotel room and just watching t.v or reading alone. Even that would be nice. But whatever, can't afford that.

Miranda should be happy tonight she leaves on Her school trip to Stratford Tomorrow Bright and early. I hope she is happier when she gets back.

They say it will take till Christmas for Nathan to get used to a routine and the change in his life. It can't come soon enough. And my weekend away is how many sleeps away? 24? HEY GIRLS I'M SO READY! I need to be a rejunivanated MOM.

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Marla said...

Oh, all the growing pains. I'm looking forward to your visit too.