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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


So Sad.

Very very Sad.

One young woman, just starting out in life, really will not be able to show the world who she really is, and what she could become.

20 young people and countless have experinced what no human should every have to experince. They were kids bewteen 16 and 20.

No I don't think I know of anyone going to this particular school.


My Daughter is of this age.

She is thinking of WHICH CEGEP to go to.

Next year.

She could easily go to that CEGEP next year. Although she says she's staying near home.

Please Send out prayers or good thoughts, to the many that are in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Kudos to the Police for being there so fast.

Stuff like this breaks my heart.


Why would someone do this? I guess I should be thankful that my mind does not think like this. And I can't understand. The Pain must be unbearable. They say he was a loner and thought the world was a worhtless place. I wonder what had happened in his life to make him so bitter, to bring him to this point. To be sad and sick enough to want to hurt others he didn't even know. What of his Parents? What do they feel like this morning? I don't ever want to know how they feel. Don't get me wrong. I think the Police did what was right when the shot him. And I won't shed a tear over HIM at all. He chose to do this. He chose to be a loner, he picked the wrong friends whoever they may be. And does he realize, well I guess it doesn;t matter now, how much PAIN he casued so many people? Yes many people will say he was sick. YUP...but that does not excuse him. HELP is out there. Sorry ranting.

I cuddled with my Daughter last night. She is on the EVE of going off to College and not being in my care. I'm proud of her accompishments. I hope others dot he same. Our Children are priceless.

Well I hope the City of Montreal and the young adults at Dawson can get back to some sense of Ordinary .

Hugs and Prayers to you all in Montreal today.
Sorry for the muddled thoughts.


BeachMama said...

Breaks my heart. The hardest part about the gunman being killed, is that they will never really know why on earth he did this.

Hope said...

A terrible, terrible thing.
Too many of these individuals are treated as harmless , odd loners when in fact they are dangerous psychopaths.
My thoughts and prayers to you Quebec

twinmomplusone said...

horrible, horrible tragedy reminiscent of the one a few years ago at the Ecole Polytechnique where 13 female engineering students were killed

things like thsi really get me wired up about gun laws

and imagine the killer's parents? what emotions they must be going through