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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's For Dinner tonight?

You know I've been a wife for over 24 years.

16 of those I have been a mom.

I used to like cooking.

Used to like baking.

I used to love trying out new recipes and eating the food I dished up.

But you know after 24 years and 2 kids the shine has sort of worn off.

One doesn't like anything but potoates and meat and the other doesn't eat much.

Hubby eats anything I cook and very seldom offers to cook or help clean up with me.

Most times he is not home at meal times.

And NOT once has he ever called and said "hey dear I'm going to bring something home for dinner"

I know you modern couples cook together and clean up together and honsetly I 'm sure you both work out and have to cook together to get things done in time to have any family time together. I tried with hubby. LONG before we had kids but some how he figrued I was home and could do it. ( was a struggling artist at the time) And I let him. Jack is always busy doing something else.

I have called him and say bring something home and he usually says well just boil up some pasta and we'll have spagetti and jarred sauce. Although once a while he will. It's not like I ask often.

So now I sit here wondering again what to make for supper for one who only wants meat and poatotes and the other who isn't here for supper tonight and jack who will eat anything as long as he didn't have to cook it.

So what's for supper at YOUR house?


brenda said...

Tons of tomatoes coming out of the garden that I never planted this year and some chicken breast. So I did a search on the good young web and found something new to try and well, a recipe that I won't make again due to it not being too tasty, but not yucky either.

Tomorrow, some lentil/mashed potatoe/tomatoe pie kind of thing...gotta do something with all the tomatoes!!!! Good news, I won't have to eat that one, i'll be out for dinner and a comedy show at the NAC!


nancy said...

Tonight we had chicken souvlaki, roasted potatoes and I sauteed some red, gree, yellow peppers in balsamic.

Last night we had chicken fettucini alfredo and salad.

We had veal the night before that.

Tomorrow we are having salmon, rice and some kind of veggie.

and on friday we almost always either make (decorate) our own, or order pizza.


We had tacos and a green salad last night, I like tacos both girls love them and they are easy. Tonight I don't know yet will have to think about that.

andrea from the fishbowl said...

It's tough to always be the menu planner.

Last night I had to pull dinner out of my hat (figuratively speaking of course) and so I defrosted/marinated some chicken thighs with some garlic/soy/ketchup/honey sauce and made some rice and steamed carrots.

The night before we might have had "breakfast for dinner" which is my solution when I'm uninspired (which is often)

I try not to cater too much to my picky eaters, but I will always have a little something at the table that they'll eat, usually raw veggies.

Anonymous said...

I am responsible for the food since I am home all day. Most of what I "prepare" is either....frozen, delivered, boxed, or is purchased through a drive-through window. Pretty sad huh?