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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I know you''ve done it.

I know you have.

You somewhere and your slyly look around you.

I know you do it when you visit the neighbours, friends, Family!

But you do it because I just realize I do.

It's not horrible it's just one of those things that if your a busy mom you look to see how others are doing to gage how you are doing.

Bet you have no clue what I'm talking about.

I'll get there give me a minute.

You see it all started when I got married.

I was going to be a better keeper of the abode than my mother. Now my mom, bless her heart is not the best house keeper in the world but livng in just under 1,000 square FEET with 5 kids a husband who was never there excpet to eat and sleep and leave his construction dust filled work clothes.; and she worked out. She couldn't for the life of her keep the place clean. Clean the way she wanted it to be. OH YES! We all helped out but it was never quite done right. After a time she just gave up trying and to this day I keep a tidier house than her. And with 5 kids you can imgaine the clutter. Now with only 2 of them it's still a mass of clutter everywhere.

Then there is my SIL. Living in the same size house as I grew up in and it's themost organized place I've ever been in. She has 3 kids and there is never anything outta place. Of course she married the most ainul of my hubby and his brothers. He likes things in order and will stay up late to get it that way. Never does he go to bed with dirty dish in the sink. Where me...meh...I'll do it in the morning.

Now I'm no Martha Stewart. Can't organize myself out of a box but I try to keep the place clean but I can't keep it clutter free. I de clutter and bam! 2 days later most surfaces have something on them again and IF left they will grow. I swear the stuff appears from no where.

I never been big on getting the kids to pick up. How will they learn to pick up you say? Beats me I'm still working on my hubby. The kids well are kids and I thank God I have a bigger house and ONLY 2 kids. Miranda's room is always neat...you know I've never had to tell that girl to clean her room. AND ORGANIZED! Wonder what I did wrong there? Jack, my hubby, thinks he's organized but ha! you should the room I'm in now. NO I'M NOT TAKING A PICTURE!

Nathan is going to be organized in his own little way. He orgainises his cars according to colour and size and heaven for bid if his socks don't match.

So I find when I go out I see just how clean some places are. Yes I've been in your house and I've looked for dust bunnies and clutter. And you know what? Most of you keep a better house than me. I was in a place last night that was spotless. I tried but failed to find a piece of dirt anywhere. How does she do it? She has a bunch of teenage boys. The house was beautiful. Then there is her neighbour. A dear friend of mine who never has a toy on the floor unless her boy is playing with them. AND She has two dogs. Last weekend I was in a Friend of Miranda's hosue for the first time. It was nice to see some cobb webbs here and there. I felt at home. Not to say I don't feel at home in the other places I just wish I could be them...but alsa I doubt I will ever be that good.

So people...If you see me coming lock the doors. I comin' lookin' for your dust bunnies, cobb webs and a picture out of place.

Let me in if you dare, and your welcome to compare my dust bunnies to your own.

Thanksgiving up date soon. This just had to come out.


Northern Mom said...

Should you ever come to my house and look for dust bunnies, you're gonna find them! They have names around here..LOL
Your house is neater and cleaner than mine...and I have only one child and one dog...and most of my house would fit in your kitchen!
My home is lived in I think...ya thats the style

BeachMama said...

You didn't look in the right places for the dust bunnies. Neither here nor next door ;).

To make you feel better about next door, her hubby is really anal and works the night shift, so he cleans the house every single day. He is the neat freak and puts everything in it's place. And the teenage boys, well, Mom and Dad clean up after them 24 hours a day. So, don't feel bad, they don't have some of the fun pleasures that you have in your house. I stopped bringing J over because everytime he moved they thought he was going to scratch the floor or break a tile.

As for my place. I am the anal one about the toys. I pick up constantly. It all started when A was young and Cosmo (the eldest dog) would eat anything left lying around. Now, it is just a habit to pick it up right away once it is finished being played with. And if I go out all toys have to be away or both Mickey and Cosmo will treat themselves to a toy. Next time you stop by, I'll take you in the basement. You won't feel so bad anymore ;).

Hope you will still come and play :).

BeachMama said...

Oh ya, and we picked up before you got here ;)