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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Kismet, Karma, and Weddings

I went to a Wedding this weekend.

Now that I've entranced you, go over to Andrea at the fishbowl and read her blog then come back here.

OK? Now go.

tap tap tap... waiting.

Ok good, you came back.

I've never met Miss Fish but we came this CLOSE to each other and didn't know it. She, being the weddng lover that she is, was sitting outside that church watching. It could have been anywhere in Ottawa but what made her stop and look in that church. Only fate will tell.
So when I went there last night to see what the fish bowl was up to, I just about fell off my chair. I thought Gee I've seen that church...but where? and then BAM I was blown away to see it was the church of the wedding I WAS ATTENDING. Just the thought that while I was being misty eyed at the vows, that someone I would like to meet was sitting outside watching the same thing I was.

Was it Fate? Divine will? Karma? Kismet?Predestionation?

Who knows what made her turn that conner and look inside those inviting doors.

As like her, I love going to weddings. I love to feel that newness of two lives becoming one and who knows what they will achieve together. For the moment their fairy tale has begun and hopefully will stay that way for awhile before the reality of the real world settles in. I love seeing all the little details that people put into these affairs. This was one of those weddings that was not ostentatious.
Just plain simple.
From the flowers to the dresses & suits to the message from the pastor, to the vows and even the Dinner at the Hall, (BBQ Beef and Pork ,BBQ'd over an outdoor fire with Baked Potatoes and Coleslaw and a Dill Pickle. OMG it was yummy and Black forest Cake for dessert!)

These are simple people not trying to impress, they just wanted to get married and be who they are, and share their joy with as many people as they could. Family and friends from everywhere came to help celebrate this union and start them off on the right foot. I had a blast catching up with some of Jack's family and some people I went to school with. Young ones raced around the hall to the joy of the older people in the group. Teenagers danced and some not soo close to those years danced too. ;)

All weddings should be so lovely. Do who you are and not what or who you want to impress. Just share in the joy that makes Weddings special and fun.
And it only rained after the event was over.
Could anyone ask for anything more?

Weddings make me smile for days...and I'm still smiling because it was so one of those things that had a good feel about it. It has taken me back to my wedding 24 years ago when I was the same age as the bride. 18 ALMOST 19 and walking down the isle Happy to be marrying my Jack who till this day is a great and caring man. I had to look back on our wedding photo's and realize I'm not the same speron anymore. But that's ok because Jack is still here (with a few more pounds and lot less hair) and we're doing ok.

And with Andrea's lovely photo that she so graciously sent me I can now give them a photo of a wonderful moment in time at the beginning of there lives together. They will grow and change together.

How can anything be more wonderful than that?


BeachMama said...

I think that it is soo cool. It looked like a beautiful wedding and they had the most beautiful Day for it.

Here's wishing them many years of love and happiness. (I think there is something good to marrying young.)

andrea from the fishbowl said...

I'm still wigging out over the coincidence. I am SO glad to hear it was a lovely wedding between two equally lovely people.

I can't ask for anything better than that!!

twinmomplusone said...

the coolest coincidence!

Silver Creek Mom said...

ME TOO! I love the things life thows at you sometimes.

Hope said...

What a remarkable coincidence.
I visited, I read and I bookmarked.