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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

I need to pick a paint colour

I have to pick Miranda up today after rehersal. SO I may go to a couple of places to see what I can get for a paint colour for my kitchen. I'm almost done empting it out. Man I have alot of stuff that was piled in things and should be put away or better yet given away. A friend of mine recommends Pratt and Lambert paint so I may just go by there and see what their designers say. Then maybe Benjaimen Moore. I need test pots of paint. My kitchen is HUGE it's 30 feet by 15. So repainting is not an option. Have to do this right. I want a deep rich red borwn for most of the walls but an accent colour on another wall. Just so the room is not over powered by the brown. I love deep colour and the room is pretty brght so it may be able to take the deep colour.
I went to my first Parent teacher interview for Nathan. He is doing very well according to the teacher. He has settled in and plays with everyone and has not clung to anyone. YEAH! He's very attentive when the teacher talks and he loves to do just about anything she asks. YEAH! The french teacher says he is NOT shy and is will to say things over and over to get it right. And he has great prouncation in French. Nathan? My Nathan? So I guess he is doing well.

The book cases are now sitting in my studio. They are not tied in or have any shevles in them yet. Still have to cut and stain them all, but we needed to move the cases to have room to work. let me say they look awesome. Totally awesome. I had a friend over yesterday and her reaction was priceless. It was worth it. ;)

Well off to cut Nathans hair and get ready to do some running around today. Although I already want to take a nap.



nancy said...

I highly recommend Benjamin Moore paints...they have test pots AND big (I mean BIG) squares you can buy to bring home to see colour, better than damn little 1 inch squares.

I am NOT an expert, but if you are going with deep rich red/brown...why not an accent wall in a warm gold, or muted yellow or beige??

I am the opposite, in our basement we did three beige walls and one dark green wall.

Can't wait to see the pics.

twinmomplusone said...

ohh, how exciting

our dining room has that deep red/brown color (mahogany) and as frigthening as it was to put it on (over white paint) I still absolutely love it. They say its a color that makes people look good and food appetizing ;)

a golden/yellowy terra-cotta accent would definitely look awesome

keep us posted!

BeachMama said...

Well, I love Pratt and Lambert paint, but they are a bit expensive, so I go with Para Paint (a company co-founded by one of the guys from Randall's Paints). We use Pratt and Lambert Colour in the Para paint. For ceilings we use C2 which is a newer brand and tends not to yellow or fade (that is if you are doing your ceilings, we didn't this time).

We just finished our dining room and the colour is P&L Vintage Claret. I just love it! Mostly because it is named after wine, but it makes the dining room look so cozy and warm and inviting. We now need more light though, all over the house :).

Have fun picking!

Hope said...

I hate picking paint colours... too much of a committment. Good luck with those renos!