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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I've posted here dear Blogger. I've been abit busy. I finally got my studio/office painted. (pictures to come) Finished staining and varnishing the main bookcases for the room. And we are all healthy. No puking no colds, just the normal loud busy house.

Life has been interesting here to say the least. We had Miranda's first report card. She was very upset and we were dissappointed for her to say the least,. For the first time in her school career she is below an 80 Average, only by 4 % . Which lead to tears and tears and more tears on her part. She is so hard on herself. This is not the time to drop her average when University is looming on the horizon and this term especailly. But as I looked at the amount of abscenses from classes I asked her what was taking her out of class and she replied peer consueling. WE have agreed that this is taking way tooo much of her time so she is to drop it. And it's always the same boy pulling her out of class. The classes that she finds easy she is getting amazing marks but the classes she needs to work on little more her marks are way down...well except for Math where she is doing better this year than last. BUT every teacher said she is a good student and needs to stop worring and keeping up her work ethic and maybe get alittle more help in these subjects which she is doing. Need less to say I'm still really proud of my Girl. She got 99 in music and 91 in drama and 89 in english (with a teacher is is the hardest marker in the school) And even a hard earned 71 in Math. It's Physics's and her written French and economie that is pulling her down. She is a great student , she sure is alot better than I was in High school.

Last year my family kinda had a blow out at Christmas (long detailed story but I'm not going to rehash it now) so I have been stressing about all this for a while. BUT I took the bull by the horns so to speak and called everyone up and found out there perferences for Christmas and everyone including my mom was on the same page. So Christmas here Christmas Night!
So I stressed for nothing. Whew!

My niece is having a hard time. She has been having trouble walking up stairs and cannot raise her foot off the floor, like to tap it. We are very worried about her. The dr.'s have ruled out alot of things but now she must undergo a muscle biospy to see what is up. I'm scared for her and her family. She is soo you to be having these problems. She is only 10.

Nathan's first Parent/ Teacher interview is coming up tomorrow night. I'm so curious to find out how he really is doing. I have no clue with the report cards they send home now. No letter or number grades. Just if the are at the level they are supposed to be or surpassing it or excelling at it. And they have 2 years to achieve this for the first cycle, which he is in. It's Interesting to say the least.

Yesterday I got a loverly surprise in the mail. A friend of my since Grade one sent me a wonderful Christmas gift. She gave me a 1 month free trail membership to Curves! I've talked to her about it forever but I have never joined due to many excuses and I see now that they are excuses. So Starting Dec 1st I get to go to Curves and join her in a workout. I was so thrilled and touched I teared up. I have amazing Friends.

I've even read and finsihed a few amazing books in here. Seems the more I do the more time I make to read. Hummm? Pattern?

Well I'm off to unload things from my kitchen. YES I am finally going to paint it. I have so much stuff to take it and it's need to be done badly. Jack hasn't said much but he knows better than to stoo a woman on a mission. A decorating misson. Yes I will take pictures.

So you see Dear Blogger. I have had a busy few weeks. Painting, Staining, Puking, Colds, Worry, Stress. I'm going to need a few days off at Christmas just to rest up.


BeachMama said...

Great news that you guys are all healthy again.

Sorry to hear Miranda wasn't happy with her grades. It is wonderful to see how much she is concerned for school. Good thing for her to drop the counselling thing, especially because it is the same guy bringing her out of class (can you say crush?).

As for Nathan, I bet you any money you will find out that he is doing awesome as well. He is such a great kid, I am sure he is thriving at school.

Congrats on the kitchen!! Mine is the last room on this floor to finish. It would have been done, but we decided to change the colour. I love, love, love my red dining room though :). We will have to trade off visiting to see each others painting.

Our prayers are going out to your neice.

nancy said...

I like the idea of that grading system for the young ones, sounds fair for first couple of years which can be vary challenging for many.

That was a FULL update!