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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm feeling alittle overwhelmed

So the kitchen has a coat of primer on and one coat of ceiling paint. YEAH!
Even with just the primer the whole room looks fresh and clean. It feels good.
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So the kitchen, Before we tore it apart.

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The kitchen just before Priming.

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The paint colours for the walls. Benjamin Moore York Harbour Yellow and Pilgrimage Foliage. NO clue why they are called this but they look good together. The main wall colour is the the Brown, Yes it is brown but not in the can. The accent wall is Yellow.

The Studio has taken a back seat to the kitchen we will finish it after Christmas. But this is the wall colour and the Book cases aren't they nice.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jack and Miranda had a car accident on Friday night coming home in the freezing rain. They just missed falling into a deep gully and having a serious one. Instead they hit the bank. The whole front end of the car is pushed to the drivers side. It can be straighten but will still cost us $1,500! OUCH! and why at This time of year? So I am carless for the week. Well expcet for Wednesday when I need the van to do library at the school and a Presentation on Wednesday night. Jack is taking it hard. He keeping saying he should have drove slower. Whatever I'm just glad they weren't hurt at all other than pride. Damn freezing rain.

Gotta love him but he drives me insane. Nathan was in "I wanna help mode" this weekend. AND that is not a big problem in itself if he would only LISTEN and Follow instruction. Yes I'm asking alot of a 5 year old. Mostly all we said was Go slow and watch what you doing, and he stepped into the paint tray twice and ruined his socks. He wanted to help paint the ceiling from the ladder, He can't reach from the ladder wihout falling off the darn thing so we said NO. As you can guess he was totally upset and mad. SIGH. Before he left for school he said Mommy don't you do any painting till I get home. SIGH. What a kid!

So I'm alittle tired. Alittle Stressed and HOPIng to get my kitchen back in orde by the weekend. So why am i sitting here instead of working? I'll get it done trust me. I'm amazing when I get moving. ;)

Breathin breathout.


nancy said...

OMG I can't wait to see the colours on the walls...stunning!! You must be thrilled. Show show show!!

Glad to hear the damage in the accident was only to the vehicle, and not Miranda or Jack...$1500 doesn't compare to what could've happened. Just so glad they are all OK.

Seems like Nathan needs new socks for Christmas now?

Farm Mommy Kirsten said...

Glad everyone is okay - scary!

Love the colours you have chosen and feel your stress. I just got to do laundry in my house after 8 weeks of bathroom renos (do it yourselfers through and through) and I am no help because of a, wait for it, big baby belly!

Can't wait to see how it looks when it's all done!

Silver Creek Mom said...

OMG Kirsten!

Welcome back it's been forever and Congratualtions on the BIG Baby Belly!


BeachMama said...

YAY! On the colours, they are awesome, can't wait to see the finished product when we can exchange coffee dates :).

I am so thankful that Jack and Miranda are well and not injured. Friday was so terrible, I did not leave the house and I was so thankful that hubby rides the bus now. The car can be fixed.

twinmomplusone said...

awesome colors! awesome bookshelf! I'm inviting myself over for a peak after the holidays ;)

and thank God only the car was damaged