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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's always better late than never.

Well that's what I say.

I have been plagued with Christmas, things to do, internet problems and flus around this house and NO way or time time to get on here and write a decent post.

Needless to say the holidays have been interesting to say the least.

It all started December 20th when my newset nephew was born. Ryan Wayne came into the world at 6 lbs 7 oz. and with alot of dark hair. He's a cutie.

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Dec 24th Nathan spent all day on the couch and with a high fever so no Christmas Eve service for me and YET again no Christmas Cheer at my SIL afterwards. Nathan after sleeping on the couch for 2 hours (till 5 p.m.) asked to go to bed about 7:30. He never asks to go to bed that's how bad he felt.

Dec 25. Nathan wakes early to come racing in to say "Santa came! Santa came! Even though I'm sick he came!" Poor kid thought Santa didn't stop by a sick kid houses. It was 5:25 a.m. he cuddled with me and went back to sleep till 7:15 or so. After waking up his sister so excited, he raced to the top of the stairs only to throw up on them. BUT even puking couldn't dampen his spirits. Then we got up and opened the loads of presents that were there.Yes I did get spoiled. Barenaked ladies tickets for me, Miranda and Jack. Can't wait till Feb 21st! Miranda gave me art Supplies. I think she is trying to tell me somthing. 2 cd's Nickleback and Josh Groban (which I love) A Snow globe. And a Membership to Curves! Now I have to get into shape.

Over to my In laws for Lunch. Back here to my family coming all over and eating till they were sleepy. We were a noisy bunch. Nathan who tried to eat was sick again right on the dinner table. Poor Kid.

the HIT toy here was this

He loved everything but this was the big hit with him and the rest of us. WE've had many people over and we all have played with them and are goign to get some add on sets ASAP!

Dec 26th. Jack decided we needed a new cooktop so off to brave the stores on boxing day. Really wasn't that busy and we got this one.

and a picture of in installed. Sorry about the socks. Jack did that and I didn't notice.
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The rest of the week we racked wine and got in our winters wood. NOT that we need it. It's rainning here today. Januray 5th and it's raining like it does in March. We haven't really gotten any snow. SOME but most of it is gone.

Dec 31st. Got ready to go to a New Years Eve Party. BUT Jack came down with Nathan's flu. I went to pick up Miranda's boyfriend who had been away all during the holidays and had just gotten back to join us for the new year. Jack by the time we got back had decided to not to come out with us. So for the First time in 25 years I had no one to kiss at Midnight and My daughter did. Ok that is alittle weird by any standards. We got home about 1:35 and what was a 5 min drive (we were at a friends Mir, Nathan, Tucker and I)took 20 to drive home. NO I wasn't drunk, the weather turned nasty and it was freezing rain! Loverly roads.

Somewhere in there the satilite went out and I had no connection to the world at large. Talk about withdrawl. The guy came to fix it yesterday. And Now Miranda is ill with what Nathan and Jack had. I hope I wait till next week when the kids are back in school. SIGH!

So I hope you all had a awesome possum holiday and I hope 2007 brings you nothing but joy and prosperity, and maybe alittle snow. Yes I know I'm sick but I love to be able to slide with my kids this year.

HUGS to you all
from my family to you!
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Our sad snowman made from what little snow we had.


twinmomplusone said...

glad to have you back!

sorry to hear about all teh sickies over the holidays and the internet trouble


glad to meet your newest family member

glad you like that toy ;)

and congrats on teh new JennAir, looks really great

and have fun at Curves!

BeachMama said...

So what toy was the hit with Nathan?

I too am glad to have you back.

My Dad had that flu Christmas night. On the good side 24 hours later he had lost 10lbs and we could no longer bug him about what he was eating at Christmas time. Hope you don't get it, nobody else here did.

I love your gifts! Bare Naked Ladies! Hubby doesn't like them so we won't be going. I love the new cook top, it is so shiny and flashy, you must love it too. And congrats on Curves, I hope you get there lots and love it!

nancy said...

Great update! Hope everyone is healthy now and you are certainly enjoying your new stovetop - it's beautiful!!!!


Great snowman! I guess he must be a puddle with all the mild weather we are having these days.