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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, January 29, 2007


What is spoiled?

Can you really tell me? IS there a Google where I can see what a spoiledChild looks like?

My father in law says Nathan is spoiled and I should send him back to him to strighten. Him. Out. FUCK NO!

My Hubby says he's alittle spoiled? Like was I the only one raising this child? Look like it's all my fault.

I take personal offense to this. I do NOT think I have spoiled this boy at all. Well Maybe with love but DUH isn't that we are supposed to do? I think he is just a demanding personality and is always trying to get what he wants. Doesn't everyone? To different extents?

I've thought about this through the years. Since the day he was born I was afarid I would spoil him because I was so happy to finally have him. And I feel like I'm always telling this boy no. And he is one tough cookie to deal with. He's smart enough to figure out what he wants to do in his head but doesn't have the cababilites or the manual dexterity to do it. He always asking for a new toy. I'm always saying no you get a new toy as a treat or a gift, not whenever you want it. I feel that I've been harder on him with discipline than with my daughter. BUT she is easier to get through to. And I hear "Well he's a boy" but some boys do not bang their toys on the floor when they don't do what he wants them too.

I'm told he's as good as gold at school. All the teachers love him and he has friends.

So what makes him Spoiled?
Do I give him too much attention?
Do I let him run my life? Hell I have Jack and Miranda doing that too.
Did I buy him too many toys over the years? It's not like I'm always in a toy store. I seldom go there.

So what is spoiled?
I'd like to know your opinion, cause I sure don't know. Or so I've been told.

Does this look like a spoiled brat to you?


BeachMama said...

Well, your FIL sure has a lot to say eh?

What is spoiled? I have no idea, it may be possible that I spoil J rotten, but he doens't throw fits and scream for things he wants in the store, so I think we are doing ok. He understands that a new toy is a treat. He has way more toys than we ever intended to buy him.

If he does throw a fit or starts banging his toys we take them away. Like Nathan, J is good as gold at school and when I take him out (like spending two hours in Chapters) but some might say he is spoiled. Not me.

So, is Nathan spoiled? That is up to you to decide, but your FIL sure should keep his comments to himself. He just doesn't understand that there is way more available to kids these days and we as parents want our kids to have more than one dinky car and a box to play with. Why? Because we can.

twinmomplusone said...

good question

growing up as an only child I always got teh comment: "oh, you must have been spoiled!" it still infuriates me

Spoiled? Yes, I was the only child and so got all my parents undivided attention and love. But I didn't alwys get everything I wanted. They made me understand the value of things. That one has to work to get things. That we should be grateful for what we already have as there are other people out there who have much less. Etc.

Spoiled is someone who has a lack of appreciation: for what they have and don't have.

Marla said...

Don't know about spoiled - do know, it's probably a good thing he's cute!

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

So you spoil him....big deal. My wife spoils the hell out of my son. I think it is normal Mom behavior. No big deal.