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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I wasn't going to say anything.

But Damn it! It's pissing me off.

And Let the Courts KNOW I've always thought Valentines Day SUCKED!
BUT Since there is nothing I can do about it. Don't Piss me off!
Espcially when it comes to my KIDS.

I don't get pissed off easy. But I was yesterday. Nathan had a wonderful day yesterday UP until they started handing out the Valentines Day Cards. Now I thought all the Parents in the younger grades KNEW enough to make sure every child got one from EVERY Child. IN FACT a note went home from the Prinicpal stating this that the whole school should do this. The hand out starts and Nathan is sitting there with his bag waiting for his first. And the same kids are going up over and over again. Now he wasn't the only one but you could see him sink into the floor as this continued. You could see him thinking no one likes me. It was Heart Breaking. I'm PMSing tooo which makes it worse if that is even possible. When he finally got one(half way through) he was so excited!!! He was happy with the 7 he got. OUT of 16. How hard is it to sign you name to a card and make sure everyone gets one? NOW don't give me alot of parents work. Doesn't this day happen every year? Always on Feburary 14th? Nathan and I have been working on his for a week. Even just a peice of paper with a sticker on it consitutes a Card. I so wanted to go to him and hold him on my knee and just hug him. He did say that morning that he thought he wouldn't get any becasue "No on likes me Mommy" I hate that this is a populatirty contest. I could just feel his self esteem drop through the floor. I tried to make a big deal out the ones he got.

I hate that his FIRST Valentines day was not as special as I wanted it to be.
It makes me cry.
I think I will email the prinicpal and see what she says.
Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of it than I should.
But damn it This SUCKS.

Nathan You will always be Mommy's specialest Valentines. I love you with all my heart and then some.

Love you


nancy said...

That is too bad. Especially since the memo went out to all the parents. I am happy he got 7 and that he is happy about that. I do realize (and am learning quickly) that self-esteem is an important issue in the schools these days, so I would send a quick note to the principal, don't ask for a reply, just let her know how you feel, leave it at that? I don't know.

I've heard that nowadays the kids aren't even allowed to hand out b-day party invites at school unless they are inviting the entire class.

Man how things have changed.

Elle said...

We had the same thing happen at our school. List of 14 names, I sent out 14 from BOTH twins, plus a valentine's pencil for each child. My girls came home with 7 valentines; but all the ones I sent with them went out. I mean come on.... they are like $3.00 for a box of 30 people!!!

I'm Elle by the way!! Nice to "meet" you. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. My first comment.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks for Commenting Elle. Read and COMMENT anytime. I'm just glad I'm not alone in this.

Self Esteem is a big part of school. AND it's one of the hardest things to teach or instill in kids from my experiance. I'm still working on Miranda and she is 16. It's hard to teache them that just being them makes them wonderful and NO Matter how much you love and cherise them they need that outside experience to help mold them. But what do you do you can't MAKE the others do what was asked. All I can do is hug my little boy.

twinmomplusone said...

I can't believe those parents didn't take the time to read the memo and act on it, just clueless.

We were lucky as we handed out 19 cards (times two) and each of them received 19. And I was so surprised that we were the only ones who had home-made ones ($2 worth of dollar store supplies too!)

Big sis was dreading going to school for St Vats. She was saying how all the popular kids would get cards and flowers (they were selling them at the school for a fund raiser) and she would get none. I asked her if she was going to give any out and said "no" to which I answered "well then don't expect to get any either". Oh, and get this, a girl in her class (7th grade, remember) got a dozen roses, in class, from her "boyfriend"...ridiculous, totally.

valerie said...

that sucks, Sharon. Sarah's class also does a card for everyone (if you ask the teacher, but not everyone thinks to?) Most don't fill in the "to" line. They decorate bags to hang up and fill, not call out names. So Sarah didn't get quite the 24 that she handed out, but she didn't seem to notice.

As far as b'day invites (Nancy's comment), they stick them in the cubbies (not hand out in class) and I try to emphasize to Sarah not to talk about it because maybe someone not invited would be sad. I also taught her to say "my mommy said I could only have 4 friends", LOL.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

That Major sucks! I don't know exactly what they do here but I know from my wife that they have "rules" in place that make sure all the kids get valentines/cake/cookies etc. Your son's idiot teacher should have never let what happened happen to any child.

DaniGirl said...

A note came home from Tristan's teachers asking for unaddresses valentines to simplify sorting, but I don't think they specified sending one for everybody - I would have assumed that was common sense for the littlest kids. It never occured to me to count the valentines that we got back, but I was touched to see the number of stickers, tatoos, candies and lollipops that were attached to the cards. Parents who are exclusionary like that ought to be ashamed of themselves. What really breaks my heart, though, is twinmom's comment about big sis. I remember that WAY too clearly from my own school days. Ouch - still hurts, truth be told.

Marla said...

Ouch! Just remember though - it's his first SCHOOL Valentine. You're his first real Valentine, and that's what REALLY counts.

I dread when the time comes, because while I like the idea that un-addressed cards promote equality, a card is rather meaningless without being signed, isn't it?

BeachMama said...

Wow, Sharon, that brought me to tears. My heart is breaking for Nathan and make me see how important it is for parents to read the memos and remember. One of the ladies at J's preschool brought valentine's for all the kids, but I hadn't thought of it because it was the day before... I felt terrible.

As for TwinMom's comment about Big Sis, I was forever thankful that my older Sister thought of me each and every Valentine's and made sure a rose was waiting for me in home room. Despite all the heartache she caused me she never let me down for Valentine's, even after she graduated!