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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, February 05, 2007

My Random Thoughts

Man it's cold here today. Well colder than we have had all winter. And NOT as cold as Winterpeg.
I'm whining.

I started Curves awhile back. I'm totally enjoying it. It doesn't seem to bore me as much as working out in my living room to a tape. Although it took me awhile to get over being shy/embarsssed to go. BUT that is my personality I loosen up alot after I get comfortable. I want to loose 20 lbs before August 1st when we leave for our trip to Newfoundland our 25th Annivesary trip. The plane tickets are booked and the accomadations are booked and all I need to do is rent a car for the drive. I'll get Jack to do that.

Miranda's report card comes in today. I hope she is happy with it. She goes to visit CEGEP this week and is looking forward to leaving high school and moving on. Finally. She has picked her dress out for the prom and I have to sew it. I hope the hell I can. I'm used to easy ones this one isn't. Atleast I don't think. She wants it in deep red and T's says he will get a tie to match. I thought it was cute they were coordinating.
What do ya think?
image of V2899

We went to the randy Bachman Concert for the Opening of Winterlude. It was awesome. We totally enjoyed the show and He is an awesome gitarist. How he does that is beyond me. Now if it warms up I'd like to take Nathan to Jacques Cartier park to the Ice Kingdom for sliding. It's a blast there.

Well off to do some more landry make some beds and work on organizing some papers.

Enough with my random thoughts

1 comment:

BeachMama said...

Love that dress! Sure you can make it.

As for the weather, I agree, I have had enough already. We have had either great weather or really cold, let's get back to the great shall we?