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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Some days I smile

Ok I have to say this.

I feel really good.

Both my kids surprised me last night and in a good way.

I've been toying with the idea of giving Nathan a sort of chore list that if he does everything on his list he gets a new toy every 2 weeks. So I explained that to him yesterday figuring it will take awhile for that to sink in. I told him that he had to hang up his coat and put his boots away, go to bed without a fight and pick up his toys every night. He was thrilled with this, BUT I was cautioulsy optimistic. He doesn't usually do what he says, after all he is only 5. He comes in the door and throws all his winter clothes all over and I sigh thinking NO way he is going to do this. Well last night about 7 I start "it's soon time for Bed Nathan" and he jumps up and announces it is time to pick up his toys. I was floored. I went to help him and he tells me NO this is my chore. And cleans up all the toys in the living room took him over 15 min. He did a great JOB! Then he walks upstairs pick out his pj's and gets dressed into bed. No a word of a fight. I gave him a sticker for yesterday even though he did not do everything. I just wanted to encourage the behavior. I'm one proud MOM.

Miranda is growing up and faster than one of her girlfriends. She was at a reheresal last night and her friends calls me to ask if Miranda can do a "FEW" things this weekend. This girlfriend is one I give rides to all the time and she is on the go all the time, she begged me to let Miranda go to the Vagnia Monolouges taking place at Ottawa U tonight,. Unforutnately We have parent/teacher interviews plus Miranda has piano. So I told her no and she kept begging. I finally had to say "Mel NO she is not going. " Then she askes well about skating on the canal on Friday. I tell her well it all depends on what Miranda wants to to do. Then she says they can go over to another friend and sleep over. I have no problem with this but I want to talk to Miranda. Then she warns me there is a party at another friends house on Saturday night.

Through all this converstation I know she is looking for rides up and back. She hasn't asked but I know this otherwise she wouldn't be trying so hard. This has become a habit and is very annoying to me. The parents tell her to find her own rides. It is a way they figure of keeping her home more. It's not working. And the parent very seldom recipicate the rides. They say it's becasue they have 4 kids. I just know better.

Sorry I went off the topic. Miranda comes home and I tell her Mel has called Miranda rolls her eyes and I ask her what is up and what does she want to do. Well Apparently the Parents of this girl is going out of town with the boys and she has to find rides to all these things and she is tell them where she is going to be at all times. (she has a cell phone) So she is working Miranda and me so SHE can do all these things. Miranda says the first thing she wants to do is talk to her boyfriend and see if they can get together this weekend. SO she calls him and they are hanging out on Friday (PD day here) Then she says I know nothing about that party and I'm not going till I'm told I'm invited. That would just be rude to show up without being personally invited. Jack and I smile. Then after she gets off the phone she says " I know I complain I don't get out much and I want to do somethings but I don't want to do it all. I want a balance so I can get my homework done and be rested"

I thought that was very mature for a 16 yr old. If you could see me I would have a silly grin on my face.

So there you have it. My Proudn Mommy brag for today.


BeachMama said...

You have every right to be a proud Mom. Both your kids shone through for you :)

Hope said...

hi hon, just catching up. Isn't it wonderful when our kids shine.
Love the dress, she has such a tall lean body it will look fabulous dahling.....
cold here too.