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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Wine Weekend

I love Wine.
I love the flavor.
I love the feeling it gives me. I love having it in the house so I can grab a bottle when I want a glass with supper. And NO I'm not a big drinker. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a two glass girl. One gives me a buzz and then the second keeps me there. Any more than that and I fall asleep. But I still love my RED Wine. Not the drinker I used tob e but that's ok. I don't need to be.
My Favorite part is the bottling. It's always alot of fun to get a group together and put it in the bottles. We laugh and laugh lots.
I love making it. When we first started making it wine it was from a kit and there was 2 carboys Saturday we put 14 carboys in bottles. NONE of it is for sale and never will be. So don't ask.
Now we buy the grapes bring them home and Crush them in our Crusher and then Press and put into carboys to ferment. NO other way to do it. Well not for me. The kits are ok but this feels like your truely making wine!

We rock! Play music and sing! Dance and eat and drink some more
Lot's of fun. Especially with this bunch who don't drink alot.
So when we do we just laugh till our sides . And HURT they did.

Our Wine!!! We do make White but I'm a RED girl.

Just a few of the 400 Bottles we did on Saturday.
5 couples were in this with us.
Some took more some took less but each took SOME!

Nathan testing out the Corker. Now all we need is a FULL bottle!

Getting the Filter and Pump ready ....and away we go!!!

That was our weekend. I was so tired on Sunday. I just layed around all day. I think more exhausted from all the laughing.


twinmomplusone said...

I have such fond recollections of making wine as a child with my dad and some of our Italian neighbors. We would go out and buy cases and cases of grapes, rent out the big grape press. Press the grape. let it ferment, Filter, Bottle. Not one year tasted like the next.

How do you get yours started? Grape concentrate?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yup...Grape Concontrate. Now we buy the grapes, wash them, then press. I like the idea of taking all the chemicals and pesticides off the outside. To me makes it taste better. But that is mostly in my head.

nancy said...

How convenient for me to read this as I sip my second glass of red. Not home made though, my bad.