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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Finally a Spainish Update

First off , let me just say, it has not been easy to get my Daughter over to Spain.
The winterstorms that have blown in have made traveling for anyone on the North American contentient diffiuclt to say the least. Their leader has says this is the first itme in her 15 yrs doing this that they have had a storm delay them. Figures it has to be the one with my girl in it.
Makes her father more worried than ever!

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Miranda and Nathan Just before we leave

March 1st off to the airport we go. Meet her Father and have lunch. Watch as other kids come in all excited and hugging and raring to go. And we wait. They check baggage they say their goodbyes and happily they are off to catch there connection in Toronto. (and very few tears I might add. I came close when Nathan said "Miranda Spain is too far away and I'll miss you too much, don't go" BUT wait there is a nasty winter storm down there, so they send them back. And they wait. They board them again and they take off ...again. BUT no it's still not safe so they send them back. but won't let them into the terminal so they stand in the tube. Then they put them back on the plane and say then say Oh sorry you have to get off again, go home, nothing going into TO tonight. I'm all for safe. I'm glad they were stuck in Ottawa but they could have done that the first time instead of having grumpy, hungry kids calling parents at 11 p.m. to come and get them.
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March 2nd. We wait for a phone call to tell us what is up. The storm that hit TO is now in Ottawa. No freezing rain but ice pellets and lots and lots of snow. Heavy Snow, so about 10 a.m. they call and say no one is flying out of Ottawa today but be ready and stay near the phone just in case. Miranda upset goes to lay down on the couch and ME with a fever of over 100 F to bed to rest. (yes I'm sick again but that's not important) we sleep till about 1:30 and get up to eat. The phone rings and we're put on alert to be ready to get to the airport anytime. Miranda races to dress and before we are the phone rings again and it's get to the airport NOW. We make it there by 3:30. The fearless leader finds out that the flight to TO is delyaed for 2 hours so she gets on the phone with the tour compay and gets them seats on another airline that flys into Toronto Island and has cabs waiting to get them to Pearson.

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Happy to be going.

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Awww aren't they cute?

They finally get there after missing there connection in Germany but they are having fun. They have lost 2 days in Madrid. Miranda does have a cold but she says they have the best tasting OJ she has ever had. Today is a travel day they are heading to Salamanca. And toomrrow to Comibria.

I will be glad when she gets back. I will be glad when it stops snowing and blowing here. It's nasty here today. I'm praying that even with a cold she is having the time of her life.

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