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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've been Judged and I've failed

Do you love it when other people have the answers?
They all think they KNOW more than you?
And give you advice without asking for it?
They Tell it too your face?
And It's painful and hurtful that they are doing this?
Well This past weekend was NOT fun.
First let me start of with my younger Brother in law.
He is or thinks he knows it all. (at the ripe old age of 30) He's self important and can be an asshole is the fullest sense of the word. He and Jack went to some show in the city with Nathan. And Nathan being the five year old he is was good for him but still wasn't good enough for my BIL. He bascially told Jack that he was parenting Nathan all wrong, and I've spoiled him. And we should try explaining things to Nathan so he will listen. Jack looked at him and laughed. THEN he was insulted! GO figure.
You ask does he have a degree in early childhood developement? Nope.
Does he have vast knowledge on raising kids? Nope.
Does he have well behaved children of his own. Well he doesn't have any ...yet! His First too be born in 6 weeks from now. SO he is giving US advice he is 16 years our junior and has no children but we have been judged by him and have failed to raise a well behaved child that is seen and not heard.
Don't you love it?
Do I sound bitter and angry?
You bettcha!

Now on to my Father in law.
Who raised 5 perfect boys. Well his wife did.
And if they are all perfect why did one 3 of them leave as fast as they could? I've been told that Jack and the above mention BIL were the two they had hardly any control over. NONE! So Sunday while we were there, Nathan was being ...well Nathan and his grandfather yelled at him and told him to sit down and be quiet. I looked and said I guess Grandpa is pretty grouchy today. Which sent him into a a tirade about how we better get that boy inline and how we are not raising him right. To which I said I guess you did much better and have forgotten how hard it is to get a 5 year old to listen? To which he said His children always listened; Jack spit his coffee across the room. To which he said well when they visited thier gandparent they listened...To which Jack said Dad Do you remember anything? Anything at all? And his wife was surprised too. First off one set of grandparents lived with them and the second set they seen weekely and they sat them infront of the t.v.
So I've been judge and failed.
Do I sound Angry?
Yup right 2nd time!

Funny while we were raising Miranda I was told by this same man that I was a Good Mother better than he thought I would be. I'm not sure to this day what that ment. So how did that change? Did Miranda dissappear?

Nathan is a great child. I love him with all my heart and he is getting much better and is behaving a lot better than he was even 6 months ago. YES He is a strong willed child. YES He knows what he wants and will try anything to get his way and sometimes talking does not work and you have to say because I'm the parent. BUT I refused to be judge by people who
a) have no exerpience as of yet with raiseing a child.
b) have forgotten what 5 year olds are like
c) Have not spent a week in MY Shoes.

I think talking to these people is going to be hard for me for awhile.
Maybe that's my problem I'm still childish.
Whadda think?


nancy said...

It's hard, try to ignore, rest assured that you are happy with the way you & Jack are raising your children...cause you know, you oculd always remind these 'other' people that they are in fact, YOUR children.

Just wait a mere 5 years and then you can (in the most friendliest! of manners) remind your BIL what having a 5 year old is all about. Savour that thought so you can enjoy it in 5 years from now...heh heh heh.

BeachMama said...

I agree with Nancy, just wait another five years when your BIL is begging you to take his 5 year old for a day just so he gets a break.

I think you do a great job (not that you need my opinion). Boys are tough and if Jack was tough to handle, it should be no surprise that Nathan is a little tougher. My Mom is the first to admit that she was a terror as a kid and so we aren't entirely surprised that J2 is a bit of a terror.

I say look away, take a break, whatever you need to do, but at least don't listen.


Everybody likes to think their experts when it comes to other peoples children.

If you are happy with your parenting that's all that matters. Don't let them get you down.

valerie said...

I hope when you reread this that it helps you see how ridiculous they both were and just laugh it off. Don't let them get to you, people like that aren't worth the ulcers!