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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nathan's Day.

Yesterday we went to the Museum of Civilization since Miranda is in Spain I felt that Nathan needed some March Break Fun too. He loves Museums!And this one has the Childrens Museum where they can touch everything! And he was so good. So here is a few photo's of today.

Nathan on a rocking horse. Look at that happy face!

Future Plumber?
Lifting Cargo. Move it this way buddy.

Working together.

Let's RIDE!

We also went to the toy store today. He does chores now. He has to put his coat and boots away and clean up the living before bed and does his homework without arguing. When he gets 14 stickers he gets to choose something at $20.00 or less. It took 3 weeks for him to get this but he is pretty good at it. So he was a happy boy.

I'm going to take Nathan to a Movie today. But there is not much out there right now for kids. I bet they will all come out next couple of weeks when the rest of the planet is on March Break.

Miranda Called Yesterday too. She is feeling better but she sounds not so happy. Guess becasue it was so late. And she says the whole trip has a jinx over it. I tried to tell her to stop thinking that way she only has 2 more days. 2 MORE DAYS YEAH AND SHE'S HOME! Sorry, did I say that out loud? She spent the day at the beach and she said to Nathan it was BIG. I guess that was the first time she has ever seen it. I probably won't hear from her again till she arrives here in Ottawa. 2 more sleeps.


BeachMama said...

I hope that overall she will be saying it was a great trip and not a bad one, it would be such a shame.

As for Nathan, how happy is he??? J loves that museum too, so much fun to play with everything :)


Looks like you had a great day!