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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Days

It's not worth getting out of bed.
Today was one of those Days, where you think how can it get any worse and it does.
Not that anything horrible happened.
Just Stuff.
Like this morning.
I took Miranda to have an x-ray on her shoulder (it makes this horrible sound when she moves it but the Doctors says that's just the way she is but to be on the safe side we'll x-ray it)
So at 7;30 we leave the house, get in the van start it up and there is no heat. I don't think much of it, and go to the hospital and are taken at 8:05 (her appointment was at 8)
8:20 we are heading to the highway to drive her to school with a QUICK stop at Timmy's. Well the line up way out onto the highway. So we opted out and went onto the 50 (big 4 lane autoroute here) My temp gage on the Van hits HOT. and I pull over and turn the heat to high all I feel is more cold air.
It goes back to normal while we sit with cold air blasting out of the vents.
So I drive to a gas station and look at the coolant reservoir. EMPTY or close to it.
Do I drive back to Buckingham which was not far and go to the resturant that my Dad goes to every morning. He tells me what I need to do and I go to Canadian Tire buy some coolant back to the van to fill it up. One very nice man comes out and says YOU've got something pouring out under the van. Right where the water pump is. LUVERLY.
We go in have a coffee and my Dad & I drive Miranda to school.
AND during all this is not only is my Hubbys Cell phone off he is late getting to work and MY cell phone finally rings and I tell jack whaqt's up and he right away assumes I have ruined the motor But I know I haven't. I have to cancel a visit with a client. And my Dad drives me home.
What else could go wrong?
Good question.

At 1:55 I walk out to meet Nathan's Bus. It usually comes at 2:05 . As I leave I glance at the cell phone and figure I don't need it on this sunny but cool day. I'm dressed but still freezing.
And I wait.
And Wait,
Wait some more.
Finally good old prdictable Dad drives out his lane (to go for his Afternoon coffee) WHICH is right next to ours.
You ask WHY didn't I just go in the house to call the school myself. Well My Driveway is 500ft long. And IF I'm not there they willnot let Nathan off the bus, so I'm bascially Hogtied to that driveway till the bus comes.
I use my Dad's cell to call the school and they say they have been calling me and I have not answered.
Nathan bus broke down and they have the kids at the school. My Dad drive me out to pick up Nathan and brings us back home.

Out of this whole mess, I've learned
I need to take my cell everywhere and
I am soo glad that my parents still live next door.


BeachMama said...

Ack! Definately a day to stay in bed. The one time I forgot my cell phone when J was at preschool, was the day they called for me to pick him up, go figure. I love my Dad too for the pure fact that when I call he is close by to help out. Today is a 'Hooray for Dad' day!

DaniGirl said...

Gotta agree with Anna - some days you just ought to stay in bed!