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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, March 09, 2007

There HAS got to be a Pill or something

Yes I'm Bitchy and watch out.
Just before that Wonderful Time of the month I get the BITCHIEST I can be.
I hate to even be around myself let alone others.
If getting Piss drunk would help; I'd be drunk every night for a week.
I never ever used to be this bad but as I am getting older I can feel it hit like a (insert fav swear word) a ton of Bricks.
I can feel a tightening in my chest that won't leave for days.
As I get older it gets worse.
I'm usually mild manner but when that Old AF is about to hit I become a crazied, unreaonable human being who does not want to talk to anyone of the opposite sex.
I'm totally unreasonable and everything anyone tells me is supect and totally stupid.
And you know what?
I'm freakin' tired to feeling this way for a week a month.
It's totally ridiculous that I have to endure this.
That my family has to walk on egg shells around me.
I'm making another Doctors appointment and Demanding he DOES SOMETHING, ANYTHING!
If you MEN felt this way a Week amonth you'd be hold up in your labs trying everything on God's Green earth to stop this.
While I just sit here and grind my teeth trying not to snap at everyone and everything.
Nothing right
Everything has to be prefect.
But nothing is.

Isn't there a pill out there I could take?
If there is, why have I not hear of it?
Is it becasue my Doctor is a MAN?
Or do I have to build myself and igloo and hide for a week.
Tonight I've already had a glass of wine and I think another one is in order, that and a hot bath and my book. Just so I don't have to speak with the other members in this house.
Now if your a man, like my hubby and tell me well you just have to get control over this ...
I swear I
Will slowly
My bare hands.


In other news the tour company sent some Pictures of Miranda's group.
She called tonight and is happy to be coming home.
Maybe when she finds out it's soon time she will be running stright back to Spain.
I will be glad to see her.
Lets hope I don't rip a heart or two out before she gets home.


nancy said...

Three extra strength Tylenol and a few glasses of the red...you'll feel great in no time.

BeachMama said...

LOL, nancy. Sad but true, you could actually take 'the pill' it would probobly regulate your crazy hormones and get you balanced again. That is my only medical type advice, otherwise, yeah, do what nancy says ;).