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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yeah YOU!

There are possibly no words to describe what I think about you.

I’ve been thinking about you for a week now.

Trying to figure out how I actually feel about you.

I think the closest I come to is utter contempt.

You seem not value you’re life or mine for that matter.

It doesn’t really matter that you don’t even know who I am or what my life story is.

You probably won’t read this and not even remember this incident happening.

BUT I do and I seethe with rage ever time I think of it.

You! Yes, you talking on your Cell Phone weaving in and out of traffic like you God is driving your car and nothing can happen to you. Oh it must be nice to have him there for you. So self assured that you don’t need to drive close to the speed limit or keep all your attention on the road.

You race up behind me and tailgate me in an effort to scare me out of the way, when that dastardly plan doesn’t work.

You weave into the slow lane to pass me there. FOR SOME reason I have yet to comprehend you didn’t see the quite LARGE SANATATION TRUCK I seem to be passing and then whip back in behind me cutting the next car off.

As I pass and pull back into the slow lane, you fly by me like there is no tomorrow leaning over on to the middle of the seat talking and then take the next off ramp?

Was there a Fire at Home?

Was someone Sick and you had to take them to hospital?

If you were dead would you have gotten there any quicker to help?

How can you drive like that and not care that you make take my LIFE or some else’s?

Is your life so much more important than anyone else’s?

If you’re going to talk on the phone get a hands free model and drive CLOSE to the speed limit.

Yes I have talked on my cell phone and done my fair share of speeding at times, but not often and I slow DOWN.

As for the weaving in and out there is no reason for that. And because Sir you were occupied with some MAJOUR DEAL you almost hit a Truck the size of a house, killing your self and probably some of the people around you.

You just had some DUMB LUCK that day.


Have some respect if not for my life…YOURS.



I almost got his yesterday morning. A guy driving toooo fast and went through a stop sign. My heart was pounding as he swirved and I hit the brakes.

BeachMama said...

Ack! I see this every single day! One of the worst offences I have seen is the transit driver chatting on the phone while driving!! So many lives at stake, they shouldn't be allowed.

Hope said...

They'll be banned soon, I see it coming, to dangerous.
I'm not sure how i helped you connect, but yoyr welcome. I've had great troubles getting onto your site as well.
I hate new blogger.