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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I can't believe I'm here

For a week now my web bowser has forze and shut down every time I tried to sign into blogger. Nothing I did would let me in until tonight... Thanks Hope!

Not that I have much to write.
Nathan has been sick since before Easter, High fever, Nasty cough, runny nose...he's been home all week with me, he is finally better and just has the runny nose, he is going back To school tomorrow just in time for the weekend, and I can get a mental break. And rest.
Because I'm now sick with his cough and cold.
Miranda is getting it too. Just what she needs the week before My Fair Lady.
I worked on her costume all week and I think I have it done.
Here is one of her costumes.

Mir in her costume for Ascot. She Plays Mrs. Higgins. I made the skirt and the parasol. Just boobs and glove to make and I'm done.
Yes I said Boobs.
She had a disagreement with a Male friend of hers and seen just HOW young her guy friend really is mentally. She was shocked to discover this. I, on the other hand, was not. She is really beginning to see how young alot of the MALES in her group really do act. I keep telling her boys mature later than girls and that means mentally. She is seeing this for herself now.
Excluding T of course, he's not as bad but still shows he young age at times too.
Easter was Ok.
Nothing exciting to write home about or here either.
Happy Easter by the way.
He had a great time during our annual Easter Egg hunt. He creamed Miranda and out huntered her. BUT he refused to wake her up. They are still finding eggs all over the house.
Nathan has not touched his Easter Chocolate, Yes I am Shocked ! This is a child who figures Chocolate is a healthy food group. It has Milk in it. SIGH.
WHO told him that?

Jack called awhile ago. He stuck waiting for a tow truck. The motor mount has broken and the motor of the car has fallen. Ripped the oil pan off. HE's Two hours from home. $350.00 to get it towed to our Garage. SIGH.
I just relieved he was not ina car accident with all that sloppy wet and heavy snow out there. All he has to do is sit and wait.
One more expense we don't need or can afford.
But whatever.
My house is paid for. And so are the cars.
So through all this I have eaten wayyyy to much chocolate.
Not gone to Curves in over a week.
It snowed all day today. YES it did.
All I have have to say is....

Tomorrow is another day ...
It could be worse.
I have my health....well...
I may not be totally healthy but it really could be worse.

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BeachMama said...

We've been having the yuckies at our house too. Thankfully it is mostly diarrhea and not puking, but I know J isn't right when he says 'no thank you' to chocolate. This morning he woke up and ate a sandwich and yogurt, so hopefully we are on the way to feeling better today.

Miranda's costume looks great!! I love the boob thing, should be fun to make some.