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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hiatus...hopefully a short one

Yes people...I, Sharon, am way to busy to post here for a while.
My life is consumed with plans and sewing and cameraing and all sorts of busy stuff.
As I sit here and type I feel guilty that I'm taking a few moments from sewing on Miranda's dress. I'm still working on the fake one. BUT I'm far enough along to to know I can DO the other one.

I will give you all just a quick recap on my life and then adieu my fellow bloggers for awhile.

My SIL had her baby yesterday. Gaberille Helen was born last night at 10:30 and weighed a whopping 10lbs 2 0z. MY POOR SIL. Now get this. My BIL was so worked up about the impending birth of his child that he got sick. He says it was the flu. BUT you could tell on Saturday night when he was here he was not ready. He sent his wife off to have the baby with her sister and stayed behind. Called us and told us and my wondefull Hubby Jack told him that he should put a cork in it and get his ass ready and get to te hosptial NOW. Wear complete scrubs and a mask and be there. I drove down after an hour to pick him up and he said he wasn't going. I told him myself that it's too fucking late to be worried about himself and get his sorry ass in the shower and get there if you don't you will regert it for the rest of your life OR your wife will not forgive you for this. He dressed in a hurry and was fine on the way up. BUT one could tell he was afraid.

Miranda had a quiet weekend. She seen pictures of others shopping for prom dresses and felt left out. I told her she should have asked to have gone alone. She gave me the OH You don't invite yourself along speech. I told her if you don't your gonna be a lonely girl. And I'm sure her friends would have loved to have had her along. OH but I don't have girlfriends. BULL they think you don't want to hang with them becasue your always with T. Time to do alittle with them. She won't listen. SIGH. I hate talking with no one listening.

Nathan is growing and changing these days...He's still a spirited child but he can partake in a conversation and ask great questions. It's fun to ahve dinner with him whne he is intuned to what is going on and being said. Although now he wants to know what is being said all the time. Can get me in trouble if I'm not careful.

The vegetable garden is in.
The grass is cut.
I need to be sewing.
So off I go and I will ready ou but I doubt I will be posting.
Cya all soon when stuff settles down.

Adieu my friends...ADIEU


twinmomplusone said...

congrats auntie!

can't believe BIL was so scared, he's got quite the road ahead of him

good luck with teh dress, do let us know how it turns out (like a pic)

take care

nancy said...

I know we'll see you around sooner than later..just cause that's you! I can't wait to see a pic of the dress....