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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Remember when

I was reading a advsertisment that came out of magizine bascially to sell cleaning products but it gave helpful tips on what to clean and when and how often it should be done. This sent me back into my childhood when the warmer weather came and my Mother would whip open the windows and start her SPRING CLEANING?
My Mom was never a great house keeper, but I honestly don't blame her. 5 kids with not a tidy-up bone in there bodies in the house that figured on less than a 1000 sq ft. She would have to clean up all the Crap that accumulated over the winter months. Personally if I lived in a house that small with the 4 of us I'd go MAD!
Come early May she would wash windows and walls, clean out those kitchen cupboards, wash every curtain in the house, clean out closets and vaccum under things and find dust bunnies and flip matteresses and wax the floors till everthing was neat as a pin. She would be in a flurry of activity till it was all done and GOD help the child that would get underfoot. We were sent outside to play and wait till this urge was done and finished. She so tried to keep it that way and make us help which we did, well sort of. And it lasted about a week till the clutter and mess of a busy family would creep back in.
I don't spring clean much. I live in a bigger house just over twice the size of the one I was raised in. I do wash windows and keep the walls clean as I go, but I don't give them a wash down like my mother did. The thought of Cleaning out my ktichen cabinets is just too overwhelming for me to even think about, yet do. I do wash the ones out that get used alot...where the cups, glasses and plates go and the drawers. BUT I do that when it bothers me which is alot. How do crumbs migrate to a cupboard, I'll never know.
I will clean under things but I don't do that in the spring. I do it when the urge strikes to change my rooms around. Which is about a couple of times a year.
I guess I'm not a spring Cleaner or the Spring cleaning gene got lost on me. I don't hear about alot of people who do spring clean. If they do they keep it under wraps, like it's not cool to do all that.

Do you spring clean? Common step out of the closet your cleaning and fess up. What tricks do you use to keep you house clean? I can use all the help I can get.


nancy said...

Ha ha - read what I wrote today and you'll know that I am the LAST person on earth that can help you with this...

BeachMama said...

LOL at you and Nancy. Well, you know I clean, but actual Spring cleaning, not so much. I do the windows and change over bedspreads and wash curtains. Otherwise, I just clean like I always do. I get it from my Mom, it's in my blood, I can't help it, I clean. Year round. ACK! Somebody help me, I am turning into my MOM!!

valerie said...

I would like to spring clean. I have aspirations of doing so. But alas, I spend so much time playing catch up with dishes, laundry, and clutter that I never get to the big stuff. I wonder if Beachmama needs a change of scenery and would like to do my place (or maybe send her mom my way)? Beachmama, how do you tell the difference between your normal urge to clean and your nesting instinct? ;)