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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grad and Prom

Morning all

Miranda's Graduation went well. Although with our last name ( she was the third one called up) there is no build up to it. It's there and gone in a blink of an eye. We all had a great time at dinner there were 10 of us. (Miranda's God parents, my sister, T and his parents and another friend of Miranda's) and ended up getting home at midnight. Here's a photo of our graduate. The other actors were mentioned in winning a Cappie but Miranda was not. She was alittle hurt by this. I don't blame her. She did WIN one after all.


Holding her awards Career Honour Role and the Drama award.


Here's the group getting the Drama awards.

Tonight is PROM. We've had to rent a 15 passenger van to take them to one after party and then to here. AND I can't drive it. I don't have the right lincese. SO Jack has to do it which he is thrilled about. He'd rather do the driving than let me do it. We've pitched a tent and that's were they are sleeping IF I can keep Nathan out of it till then.

So off to get sleeping beauty up and get her hair done. Then I drive her to Hull to Jacques Cartier Park where they are all meeting to have pictures taken and then walk across the bridge to the Art Gallery. (in 33C degree heat...that's about 90F ish) NO Limo's for this bunch. NOT enviromentally friendly enough. I hope they have a blast. I hope they behave themselves. It's once in a lifetime and they should enjoy it they have earned it.

Tomorrow is Miranda's 17th birthday. I hope I survie to the weekend.


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BeachMama said...

What a party weekend for Miranda! Graduation and Birthday all in the same weekend, craziness. I hope she doesn't melt in her dress and has a great time tonight. I still remember my Grad fondly (funny enough, despite my date).

Sorry she didn't get a mention at the Grad for her Cappie, hopefully someone will make up for it tonight. When Jack is driving the rental van think of my Little Sis driving up from NC last winter all by herself in the Blue Goose, it held 15.