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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Racisims Or Art & Freedom of Speech?

Continuing on what my blog was titled yesterday. This happened last week and has given me pause for thought and many discusions.

I don't know how to start this but I'm going to jump right on in. Let it be said I'm NOT IN NO WAY judging the people involed who I know both personally. I was stuck in the middle not knowing what to say at all! I've never felt so usless and uneducated.

While serving Pizza last week at my son's school with a husband and wife team who takes the day off from work each month to help out. (PLUS they dole out about $20.00 to make sure any child who asks gets a slice.) The Husband got called away and told that he had upset a parent. He had brought his motor bike to school, and apparently it it had an offensive saying and painting on it. NOW I have not seen it and I didn't see it that day. I seen the bike in the lot but not the slogan. The wife was dead set againist this but he put it on anyways saying he "liked the art work". He said this to me too.

After the lunch was over I had to leave and when I went outside the parent it upset was there. She is a WONDEFUL woman and great yet again with kids but was really hurt and upset with the bike and slogan (and I don't know what it said) and she was not leaving till she talked to this person. She ranted at me for quite a few minutes. She was worried because her child was playing in the yard right behind it. Grant you she is 5 so I don't think she could read it yet. The woman was in tears of fury. Her Husband was waiting inside quietly. She said slogans and stuff like this should be baned. Which I found funny coming from a woman who is married to an Artist. I wasn't sure what to say at all. I heard both sides and was caught in the middle not knowing what to do.

I've though about this over and over and talked about it with others. BUT Mostly they say she over reacted to it. But not of these people were in a situation that I think they could understand. Jack asked a few people who could at work and they said that the artwork would offend them but not the slogan. The Man in question is not a rasict as far as I know and I have known him my whole life and has friends of all nationalities. My thought is we don't know what the woman has dealt with in her life and this slogan is a trigger for what she had dealt with. The only thing that I feel comes close in my life is that I was taunted and rudely served for speaking my mother tongue in a small town in my home province. There was a time I would not speak in stores in public for a while. BUT these are isolated incidents and no where near the same league as this.

The Schools part in all this was the parent helps out and this was the first time the bike was brought to school and he was asked not to bring it again.

But is it right to put up something that hurts others? Is it right to paint on something that seems to degrades others in the name of art? Should we have the freedom to paint whatever we want on our bikes or walls? I used to paint and sell my paintings and I do believe the artist has the right to express and make people think. BUT this is almost diffenent. The owner did not paint it but commissioned someone to put this on his bike. Is it right?

I have no answers.

The parents did meet. I have no clue what was said but a resolution was reached and both sides are ok. But I still keep on thinking....



You will have to let us is on what was painted on this fellow bike.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I didn't see it so I can't tell you. All she said There was a flag and a few other things (what can you put on a harley) and a some slogan from about the south rising. I didn't go and look. So I can't be relied on for accuracy. Not something you should say hersay.

BeachMama said...

hmm... it sounds like she was being a little over sensitive. Harley's are known for being part of the South and she may have taken more offence than necessary. At the same time if it was truly offensive perhaps he should rethink his artwork or at the very least consider where he parks his bike. For the woman to be offended and worried by the sight of the bike I am guessing that there were nudies painted on it, that is a very popular Harley theme. :)